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2020 Webinar Benchmarks Report | Webinars Are Alive and Kicking


Have you ever wondered what it takes to put together a live webinar or an evergreen webinar? If you want to increase webinar registration for a marketing webinar, putting together webinar content that aligns with your overall content marketing strategy is key. Just a few critical aspects of webinar marketing if done wisely, can make the mark.

Webinar marketing is not a science but there are proven results that can be achieved with certain webinar marketing strategies. That's precisely some quintessential analytics and compact research results that can take you closer to organizing a sales webinar that is worth a hundred repeats. Webinar marketing when done right can create a webinar funnel that feeds directly into your sales funnel. Your future webinar marketing strategy and content strategy are vital parts of creating a customer journey that involves an alluring landing page. Your webinar landing page is going to be the gate to a marketing channel that gives your target audience a digital experience culminating in a successful webinar that helps your overall marketing plan.

2020 also happens to be a promising year for webinar marketing, as most B2B marketers who missed the bus last year are gearing up to get themselves aboard. You too may be planning to be a webinar host or be one among many webinar attendees this year. Whether you're looking for the right webinar platform, deciding if a particular webinar tool is right for your needs, or if you should host an automated webinar, a little research goes a long way in hosting a successful webinar. Webinar marketing and webinar promotion is no easy task but leveraging social media using a great Facebook ad and choosing the apt webinar software for your needs can increase your webinar attendance exponentially. Video marketing is just one of the myriad ways for a marketer to promote an upcoming webinar using social media marketing. Even if you are hosting a paid webinar, a comprehensive webinar marketing strategy can achieve your content marketing goals while improving conversions.

The 2020 Webinar Benchmarks Report put together by DECK 7 contains key insights that can help you plan, organize, and deliver a webinar event that acts as an effective marketing tool. Webinar marketing is not just about a great slide deck and a webinar presentation that looks good. Will a webinar recording on social media be as effective as the live webinar? The report contains answers to all the vital webinar strategy questions listed below:

  • When do I start to promote my webinar?
  • When do I schedule my emails?
  • Which day of the week is best for my webinar?
  • What time of the day would be most suitable?
  • How do I target webinar registrants and attendees?
  • How should I plan my promotions for a good attendee count?
  • What should be the ideal duration of my webinar?
  • What are the tools I must use for effective event delivery?

And what’s more? It helps you compare your webinar performance against that of your peers. Download the report and set your webinars up for on-demand repeats.

Are you looking to target specific audiences with your webinar landing page or engage with a wider audience using webinar marketing tactics? Reach out to us for help with your webinar marketing strategy.