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5 Simple Strategies for B2B Video Marketing Campaigns


B2B video marketing campaigns have seen an increase in the past few years. The video marketing strategy has proved its worth in every field, from generating leads and closing deals to acquiring excellent ROI.

A video marketing strategy should be the heart of your marketing plan. The success it promises in sales is incredible. And with the surge in video marketing tools and platforms, video marketing in 2022 is easily executable.

If done in the right way, B2B video marketing campaigns can change the face of your brand. They can make customers aware of your products and services in just 30 seconds or less. 

For example, look at the hilarious video campaign led by Adobe for its Adobe marketing cloud services. It seamlessly targets companies that give more importance to clicks than conversions. The video keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat in the fast-paced series of events. And the best part is that any organization that deals in marketing can relate to the video. 

Moreover, video marketing statistics state that people are more attracted to video content than reading it. If the video appeals to them, there are 90% of the chances that the viewer will enquire about the brand and its services.

If you plan to avail of video marketing services, you can hire a B2B video marketing agency to get the job done in the best possible way.

Meanwhile, let us tell you five simple B2B video marketing campaign strategies for a successful ROI.

Strategies for Video Marketing in 2022

With the surge of B2B video marketing campaigns, it takes real hard work and creativity to stand apart from the crowd. There are many great ideas out there, but presenting them in the correct form is the biggest challenge. Sometimes an idea sounds good but may not appeal when it is visualized. Thus, there are many such hurdles in the path of a great video marketing strategy. Let us look at some simple techniques that will result in an effective B2B video marketing strategy.

It Is More Than Just a Video

When you create a video for marketing or awareness purposes, it is not just a video. It is the brand that you are representing. All the visuals, artists, and even the music get connected to your brand. 

And if you think all this plays a significant role in B2C, then you are wrong.

When you create an excellent B2B video marketing strategy that appeals to the customer, they relate the video to the brand and vice versa.

For example, in the above-stated instance of the Adobe video, if by any chance the decision-maker forgets the name of the brand, how will they relate to it?

Simple. They may ask their peers or employees to connect with the company whose ad has the baby doing clicks, and the parents have no idea of hell breaking loose on them!

Thus, treat your video as more than just a marketing video. It can be anything but a mediocre video just trying to sell the product or service. Try to make an impactful video that leaves a mark on the viewer of your brand and personality.

Choose the Right Platform

There are several platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, LinkedIn, and more to launch marketing videos. But you have to choose which platform is the most effective for your brand.

And for this, you need to determine where your target audience spends their time. These video marketing statistics play a significant role in conversions. 

Many marketers do not choose the right platform and end up with minimal views. Thus, choosing the right platform to launch your video campaign is crucial.

Video marketing statistics state that 90% of online customers are influenced by videos in their decision-making process. Also, video marketing services have proved to be the most successful for sales qualification and conversions.

And if you plan to incorporate videos into emails or direct mail, design them to a top-notch level of personalization.

Keep It Short, Sweet, and Maybe Funny

Gone are those days when CEOs or decision-makers needed top-notch formal language skills to communicate. These days, the millennial generation is the decision-maker. And they like to do business with a sense of humor. And don't forget, they like great videos!

So it goes without saying that you plan, design, strategize and create short, sweet videos with a positive sense of humor. But ensure that these three elements align with your video's message and the brand.

According to a study in 2018, 75% of B2B videos are less than two minutes long, compared to 56% in 2017. And this percentage is increasing every year.

Thus, a short video needs the best visuals, language, and creativity to convey the marketing message in the shortest amount of time. Make use of your most creative team or hire the best B2B video marketing agency to get the work done.

After all, you have less than just two minutes to convince the viewer, so craft a unique, engaging, and compelling video!

Tell a Story

Seth Godin, an American author and former dot-com business executive, says, 'Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories, you tell.'

Six out of ten people say they will not watch an explainer or educative video if it has zero entertainment. So why not give people what they want?

Even B2B decision-makers need entertainment in their lives, so why can’t your B2B video marketing campaigns brighten up their days instead of just selling your products or services.

Video marketing statistics state that storytelling videos have a 95% chance of being watched till the end. 

Again, if we consider the Adobe video example, digital marketing agencies will be glued to the end to know the secret of the sudden clicks, conversions, and sales.

Thus, try to weave a story around the content, even if it is an explainer, educational, how-to, demo, tutorial, or any other kind of video.

You will be appalled to see how impactful the art of storytelling is, even in B2B!

Utilize B2B Videos to Their Full Potential

When you have created B2B videos that have garnered the best possible attention, it is time to use the video to its full potential.

Once you have understood what your audience likes, create the video for all possible platforms. 

For example, let us say that your B2B video performed exceedingly well on the social media platform, say, LinkedIn. You indeed have used the best practices of SEO video marketing to enhance your rankings. Thus, you have to use the same techniques as SEO video marketing and create a video for Facebook.

Believe it or not, Facebook also has a success rate of 85% for B2B marketing.

In this manner, when you would have covered your audience on social media platforms, chances are that they will revisit your website for more information. Display your informative, explainer, or testimonial videos on your website and align all your videos with the central idea of the video that you have marketed on various platforms. 

If there is no sync of content, the viewer will lose interest sooner than they gain it. And in B2B, the clients hardly have time to figure out the relationships between the content, especially when they see no relevancy in the first 10 seconds. They are bound to leave!

Steps To Create Video Marketing in 2022

You may find many video marketing trends to follow from the past and future. With the way B2B video marketing is gaining momentum, video marketing services are a significant future marketing trend.

If you plan to incorporate video marketing services into your marketing campaigns, follow these simple steps to start the process.

Set Your Video Marketing Goal

It implies that you should know the purpose of your video. What action should the viewer take after watching the video? Also, consider the viewer's stage in the buying journey in the sales funnel.

Set Your Budget

Whether you are hiring a B2B video marketing agency or using an in-house service to design the video, you need to decide on the budget. Determine your limitations on resources and then explore the video's design process.

Select a Video Format

Select the video format that meets your requirements. Decide whether you need a brand awareness video, an explainer, a demo, a case study, a testimonial, or a conversion video.

Decide the Launch Platform

You need to decide based on your goal and the type of video you choose. For example, testimonial videos can go on websites and social media pages, whereas how-to and explainer videos are exclusively for YouTube or personal websites.

Video Creation

Decide on how you will create your video. With so many production houses available on the market, decide how well you want your visual content to be produced.

Publish the Video

Once you have checked the video several times and it meets all the requirements of SEO video marketing, it is time to launch the video. Check multiple times that you have adhered to the rules of the launching platform.

Video Promotion

This step is essential if you want to boost engagement for your video. Once your video performs well on the launching platform, please do not refrain from promoting it on other platforms.

Track Your Video's Performance

It may be the last but crucial step in B2B video marketing campaigns. 

If you do not track the performance of your video, you will have no idea of your video's success or failure. And you will not know what effect video marketing has had on your brand.

Thus, track the KPIs and metrics to show the effect of the videos on your marketing stats and be ready to improve your future video marketing efforts.

You Now Know What Makes the Best B2B Video!

Video marketing trends are very useful in giving people the most crucial and helpful information in a limited time.

Moreover, video marketing has opened doors to endless possibilities in challenging times like these. Hence, Deck 7 is here to shape the best B2B video marketing campaigns that add value to your brand.

And no one could have phrased the importance of B2B video marketing as simply as Chris Sandoval (marketing expert and blogger),

"The beauty of developing a video marketing plan is that you are making it easier for the viewer to be exposed to the information you are trying to communicate."

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the most successful B2B video marketing strategy?

Creating videos for social media and YouTube channels is considered the most effective B2B video marketing strategy. Social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook play a crucial role in B2B video marketing campaigns.

What are the various types of videos for B2B video marketing?

There are many types of videos for B2B video marketing. Some of them are:

  • Product videos
  • Brand awareness videos
  • Sales videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Testimonials
  • Case study videos

Should we promote B2B videos?

Yes, certainly. For a successful video campaign, we must effectively promote B2B videos. Like B2C, the promotion of B2B videos is also crucial for a successful marketing strategy.