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Content Marketing Practices to Implement in 2022


Every year you go through documenting the processes that have worked for your organizations and those that have not.

It is a tedious process, especially for the sales team. They have to enlist the strategies that have helped them achieve targets and discard the wasted resources. Well, this is the process that every organization has to go through.

But what if we tell you that you do not have to worry about looking for what new has to be executed in 2022 for the content marketing plan?

Yes, we have an entire list of the best content marketing trends in 2022 right in one place. You have to go through the list and execute the content marketing best practices that fit in with your organization's style.

Content marketing trends in 2022 will not see a drastic change from the last year. The only thing that has changed in them is how they are executed. Plus, they have also become highly customer-centric.

So basically, all your content marketing strategies will revolve around the customers and deliver what they are looking for. And you know you have implemented the correct content marketing practices when you solve their challenges.

Content Marketing Challenges

Before enlisting the challenges faced by B2B in their content marketing strategies, let us give you a brief about what exactly content marketing is.

Content marketing is to create engaging content for existing and new buyers. This content must be relevant, address challenges, and be consistent with retaining and attracting the target audience.

Content marketing campaigns can incorporate various forms of content like written articles, infographics, or visual media like images, gifs, videos, and more. 

Your content defines your business, so ensure to make it an engaging!

Now curating and marketing content has some hurdles. And these hurdles require tailored solutions. 

So, first, let us see the challenges that the B2B industry faces in executing content marketing best practices.

Rising Competition

Businesses are developing at an alarming rate. As a result, every product or service has competition in the market. 

This rising competition forces the B2B businesses to be at the forefront. They have to deliver quality, quantity, and consistency in a limited time. 

Thus, the rise in competition is a challenge faced by B2B, affecting their content marketing strategies on a large scale.

Sometimes the rising competition leads to much waste of time and resources.

Client Expectations

In an era of personalization, clients or customers expect the best treatment. And their expectancies have grown because businesses out there are delivering the demands.

But sometimes, there are some unrealistic demands made by clients, which form a hurdle for the marketing team. And addressing such expectations tends to burden the team.

In such times, the management needs to understand that content marketing takes time to deliver results. So, the sales and management team must not commit to unrealistic deadlines for content creation, delivery, or performance.

Lack of Resources or Skills to Utilize Them

It becomes challenging to choose when you have so many options for producing, buying, or hiring content production. 

If you plan to hire and start an in-house content team, they need to be skilled and deliver high-quality and consistent content. And if you plan to outsource content production to a content marketing agency, it may cost you a lot to get the best content curated.

Apart from this, various tools for content marketing, content production, and tracking their behavior online are available. Some of these tools are free, while some have subscriptions. Even if you have the finances to invest in it, having the proper workforce to use the tools efficiently is more important.

Publishing Regularly

Surprisingly, publishing and updating regular content on various platforms is tedious. You need to constantly be in touch with what is happening in your industry and then craft and publish related content.

Moreover, you need to be consistent and attractive in your approach. If your industry sells products such as air cutters or digital marketing, you need to have a creative and critical direction for the content you post. 

Thus, you need to schedule a concise content calendar and stick to it. One quality post per week can create wonders for your sales and marketing team. Then you can increase or decrease the postings according to the views on your pages.

But keep one thing in mind, quality matters over quantity. Thus, 1 or 2 pieces of high-quality content per week create more impact than 4 or 5 mediocre content pieces.

Tracking Success and Measuring ROI

According to B2B content marketing, 52% of B2B content marketers indicate that measuring ROI is one of their most significant challenges. 

It is a challenge that is a hurdle despite having tools and content marketing platforms to calculate the performance of content and the leads generated.

But one common thing that we have noticed is that this hurdle is faced the most by companies who do not have a defined goal for their content pieces.

For example, certain pieces are awareness, and some are for lead generation. Your team should know when to publish what according to your long or short-term goals.

Content Marketing Trends 

Now that we have an idea of B2B content marketers' challenges, we have created a list of solutions.

These solutions are also the content marketing trends you must execute in 2022 to generate a better ROI.

So quickly, let us briefly look at each of them.

Meet Demands Instantly

It is an era wherein the faster you meet the demands of your audience, the more successful you are. 

For example, your target audience types the first two words of their search query and bam! The search engine displays your content on the first page and the first three options!

Thus, the audience spends time on the page, gets the relevant answers, and maybe converts!

So, when you rapidly answer to the increasing and changing demands of the consumer, they become your loyal customers. 

Thus, to meet the immediate and changing demands of the consumers is the need of the hour. And the organizations that deliver quick, quality, and consistent content to their audience will see an excellent ROI in 2022.

Align With SERPs Guidelines

What is the use of writing articles if it does not get indexed or ranked by search engines? And writing qualitative articles is not enough if it does not align with SERPs guidelines. 

Thus, it is necessary to look at various search engine guidelines. And we say in particular because they keep changing tremendously. 

Adhering to search engines' guidelines also opens windows for the various opportunities to rank and index your article. The rules are made for authentic, quality, and consistent content to receive the results they deserve. So do not think of these guidelines as glitches but consider them an experiment for your content.

Content Proliferation

You should know how to surprise your audience. So keep creating content in different forms like videos, infographics, gifs, mails, etc.

Try and deliver new content in new forms every time. Audiences love new things and surprises, and they unquestionably come back wanting more. 

So in 2022, get your creative heads to design the mixed forms of content to lure consumers. 

You have no idea the scope of creativity in B2B content marketing.

For example:

Dropbox created Marketing Dynamix as their content marketing campaign. This campaign was highly engaging, and the center of attraction was a personality test. 

It was hosted on a microsite which allowed people to take the test, share results and invite more people to the campaign.

It raised Dropbox leads by 220%, and they also created awareness about using Dropbox for their business needs!

Integrate Various Forms of Content

The world is flooded with technological innovations. There are numerous formats for curating and designing your material. You may employ augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, and chatbots to attract your audience with your material.

Today's time allows content creators to make their content catchy and add an emotional sense.

Even B2B marketers can create personalized content in the most captivating way. They can incorporate the various forms of content creation to make it thought-provoking and enthralling.

These content pieces make a definite impression in the consumers’ minds and force them to take action naturally.

When customers can read, smell, hear or touch content (even virtually), they deeply connect to its message. As a result, their reaction to the scope is stronger and united.

Integration of Account-Based Marketing

Customers are looking forward to a personalized approach. They are ready to pay more if they receive the best-personalized customer service.

Also, customers have a positive experience if there is no disconnect between the organization's teams. They report the best experience to transact seamlessly between departments without putting up the same discussions again.

Customers are ready to spend more on exclusive services in the current and upcoming times. Their only criteria are that they receive quality, timely, relevant, and trustworthy products/services and impeccable customer service.

Thus, Let’s Welcomes a Successful 2022

The above content marketing practices must be on your radar for a successful B2B content marketing strategy in 2022.

These content marketing practices will ensure enhanced online visibility, sales-driven content, and the best lead generation.

According to content marketing institute dot com, 43% of B2B marketers saw an increase in their content marketing budgets. And 66% of them say the numbers are all set to increase in 2022. Thus, hopefully, you are one of them!

Rest assured, Deck 7 is a content marketing agency that is always ready to provide the best content marketing services, ensuring an increase in leads and activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be the content marketing practices for 2022?

Organizations should incorporate the following content marketing practices for better customer retention and lead generation in 2022:

  • Meet demands instantly
  • Align with SERPs guidelines
  • Content Proliferation
  • Integrate various forms of content
  • Integration of Account-Based Marketing

Which content form will see the best results in 2022?

Any highly relevant and personalized form of content delivers the best results. 

Apart from that, videos, social media content, and the integration of immersive tech are the content forms that will gain momentum in 2022.

 Is B2B content marketing a successful strategy?

Yes. B2B content marketing promises and delivers a more significant ROI than any other marketing strategy. The only things required to pay attention are;

  • Curate and publish quality content.
  • Know your audience.
  • Deliver 100% relevant content.
  • Keep experimenting.
  • Devise a strategy according to your TG.