B2B Marketing for the Holiday Season

Christmas is just around the corner!

B2C advertising thrives during the holiday season but the same cannot be said for its B2B counterpart. When customers are bombarded with offers, deals, and sales from all around, it can be difficult for B2B marketers to rise above the clutter and reach their prospects.

But all is not doom and gloom, Forbes predicts that next year, more than half of B2B organizations will realign their sales enablement function into marketing, and thus, as we head into 2020, this festive season may prove to be the perfect opportunity for marketers to claim their moment. It would be a good time for B2B enterprises to align their marketing message with a holiday theme and content strategists can customize engaging emails and other promotional content to reflect the holiday spirit. 

Furthermore, decision makers for companies will be running out of time to acquire new technologies and services as the budgets shrink for the year-end. Timely engagement will help businesses reach these buyers who are already in a rush to purchase.

Give Your Social Media a Holiday Angle

Social media usage will definitely rise during the festive period. Use this opportunity to post holiday-themed photos of your services, products, and the staff that are behind it all. Your promotional content can include appreciation and acknowledgment of your loyal customers. Use videos to establish trust and connect with your business community.

Capitalize on Lesser Competition

While your competition is off on holiday visiting friends and family, you can step up your marketing efforts to capture more leads. Seize this opportunity to engage with more prospects, reaching your leads before the competition does. This will surely give you an edge in capturing new clients.

Showcase Top-performing Content

As the year comes to an end, this is a great opportunity for content strategists to highlight their most successful content pieces. Instead of coming up with newer ideas, repurposing existing top-performing articles can be a great strategy for enterprises to increase engagement during the festive season.

Collaborate with Non-profit Organizations

The festive period is a season for giving back to the community. This is a great time for B2B organizations to participate in charitable events and humanize their brand. Employees as well as clients will surely appreciate your contributions. Furthermore, this provides a great opportunity to strengthen your company values and create a lasting impression for your brand.

Wrap Up

Don’t let the holiday season slow you down this year. HubSpot used this period to give away free holiday stock photos to its target audience. Lesser competition and more purchasing intent from buyers should motivate you to charge up your marketing efforts. With the right mindset and planning, this festive season can springboard your revenue and create long-lasting relationships with more new clients.