Digital Marketing and Brand Building

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room,” Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has rightly said.

In the fast-changing market dynamics, brands are what captures the attention and concern of most people. Branding is crucial for any company because it is the identity of your business. Branding not only gives your business a name, but also encourages consumer awareness about your business.

Here we shall talk about how digital marketing services just like content marketing, is playing a vital role in brand building and product marketing. Though content marketing works for all the industries we will broadly discuss it for retail and manufacturing sector.

Imagine when a new FMCG product is launched in the market. What do you think is the first thing that customers want to know? Customers will not take long to Google the product for its reviews, ingredients, how to use, etc. Similarly, when a new electronic gadget is launched in the market, customers begin to surf through different websites to learn more about the product features and specifications.

Customers always rely on content to learn about the brands and to be in touch with them. Digital marketing has changed the marketer’s outlook towards brand building. There are two types of businesses, a brand, and a commodity. People pay for the brand and bargain for the commodity. You need to decide which category you want your business to be in. Content marketing has taken a pivotal role in brand building. Web content serves to be the first customer (user) and an online guide for different products and services. The retail and wholesale industry is going through a dramatic industry shift with more and more people buying online instead of in-store. To stay relevant and in business, the retail and wholesale industry must make sure they have strong digital marketing strategies. 

Digital marketing trends in FMCG are shifting the focus to creating user-centric content that brings actual value to consumers’ lives.

L’Oréal’s strategy is to connect with its customers through blogs along with advertisements. Whenever a L’Oréal product hits the market, customers look for the blogs and review videos. People prefer online review videos as their product guide. Influencer marketers also post blogs on product reviews which are much more effective.

Likewise, when an electronic gadget like an Apple watch is launched in the market, customers tend to scroll through the blogs to learn about its features and specifications before they make a buying decision. People also go through the product videos like VLOGs to know the product. These informative blogs and videos are like the first product manuals for people.

Clever use of content marketing is essential because it helps establish your authority in the space. For example, Johnson & Johnson created, a website for moms to share information and engage them through helpful forums. While not overtly as a part of Johnson & Johnson, all ads displayed on were for the brand. This allowed Johnson & Johnson to build a strong community of moms they could tap into to sell their products. This kind of user-focused marketing is unique to digital marketing and helps brands promote their products more effectively than ever before.

While it’s essential to build a brand, the main focus should be on maintaining it. Like how it happened with Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder case owing to which the company lost much of its market value. Gillette too faced a backlash from many because of its controversial ad of 2019. Gillette has stated that the idea behind the campaign was to, ‘challenge the stereotypes and expectations of what it means to be a man.’ And while many praised their message, others found it offensive and degrading. 

Brands should motivate, inspire not only the current but also the future generations. They should connect with peoples’ lives. Companies like Nike, Disney, Coke, Apple, etc. have built strong legacies owing to their core values. One of the greatest jobs of marketing the world has ever seen is the brand Nike. Nike sells shoes and yet when you think about the brand, you feel a different connect. In their ads, they don't ever talk about the product but they honor great athletes who they believe they are or aspire to be. Their commercials never forget to make a social statement.

A digital marketing company serves B2B companies through 'Brand Awareness & Demand Generation services' along with a great user experience which builds brand loyalty in a world full of options. Digital marketing is borderless and it brings more to digital advertising. Digital retail marketing is transforming the advertising sector and has become the fastest growing marketing technique in the global advertising market. Also when a manufacturing company employs a digital strategy aligned with its business goals, it can increase brand awareness of their business and attract a wider audience. Thus digital marketing companies help businesses increase brand awareness, generate more leads, and improve customer engagement.