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Emerging B2B Marketing Trends in 2022


B2B marketing trends evolve every year. And needless to say, the pandemic accelerated it. 

Many businesses strived to keep themselves alive during the pandemic, while some flourished as they adapted effortlessly.

But the businesses which suffered minimal in the pandemic were the ones that adopted the latest trends and technology. As a result, they evolved digitally with time and had minimal hurdles to survive in the pandemic phase. 

As we say, after the storm comes the calm. So thanks to the health workers, scientists, government people, and everybody who stayed at the forefront to bring the world back to normal.

Well, it will not be the same. Things will change, and the “new normal” is adapted in almost all scenarios. 

In 2022, many companies are getting back to work. Some choose to work remotely, and some are trying a combination of both. Whatever works out the best for each one will be implemented accordingly.

But when it comes to B2B search marketing strategy, there are new trends, challenges, and solutions. And Deck 7 has a complete list of B2B lead generation services curated for you! Deck 7 is a B2B lead generation agency that provides tailored solutions.

Emerging B2B Marketing Trends in 2022

This list of B2B marketing trends is curated to solve the challenges faced by B2B organizations in 2022. 

For example, when a particular department works remotely, its marketing strategy will differ from those working from the office.



So let us see the trends and solutions for B2B marketing that will boost your sales in 2022.

  • Intent-Based Content Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing / Influencer Marketing
  • Storytelling Marketing
  • Location-based Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing


Each of the above B2B digital marketing trends will soar your sales graph. All you have to do is implement it in the right way! And if you have any doubts, you can always opt for the services of a B2B lead generation company.

Intent-Based Content Marketing

Gone are those days when generalized content made a difference. These days, if the content does not connect to the audience, they choose to stay away from it. 

Thus, no matter which content marketing technique you choose from the list below, ensure it is intent-based and search engine optimized. 

And B2B marketers need to know their audience particularly well to succeed in crafting the best intent-based content.


According to Podcast Insights, there are roughly two million podcasts and almost 48 million podcast episodes as of 2021.

Podcasts are an easy way of reaching the target audience. For example, you could have eminent leaders of the field for a podcast episode. It helps in gathering attention to your brand and increases brand awareness. 

Podcasts are an inexpensive way to give out information about your brand, its update, and any product-related information.

Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Reality (AR) Powered Content

Ikea is a name synonym with furniture. This DIY furniture brand already set up standards high, but it did not stop there! Instead, it evolved itself with technology. 

Its latest incorporation of VR technology has given its audience another level of shopping experience.

Thus, you can incorporate augmented reality or virtual reality in your content strategy to reach out to the consumers. The best part about this strategy is that it has the level of personalization needed for conversions!

AI-Powered Content

When you browse the internet for any solutions, you get satisfied with the instant replies and to the point. So, give your consumers the same treatment.

When customers visit your site and notices an AI-powered chatbot, they are more than satisfied. They know they will find what they are looking for without wasting time going through the entire site. And this is what will make them come back to you!

Thus, use AI to enhance the content and deliver customer satisfaction!

People Also Ask (PAA) and Featured Snippets

When B2B marketers have mastered search marketing strategy and land right on top of a search engine page, the overview of the topic appears in a snippet.

It makes the reader understand with the glimpse if that is the answer to their searches. Thus, if the overview connects with the reader, they will click and come to you seeking more answers.

The same goes with PAA: People Also Ask. If you appear in this section of the search engine, you directly have the content that the user is asking for. It also means that you know your audience and provide them with the best answers.

The best way to appear in these sections is to know your answers and provide the solutions they are looking for.


This point should be your priority, no matter which type of marketing you choose. Personalize the content in the best possible way. This personalization can be on professional and personal levels. Just ensure that it is in alignment with the service you deliver!

Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the best tactics to get the audience’s attention. Nowadays, video-in-video, playing video while your work, embedded players, and more have made video marketing an easy task.

Incorporation of video marketing in many ways like,


You can send out invites on all possible channels and your related audience can know about the products or services that your brand has developed and about your brand’s history.

For example, a webinar on B2B digital marketing trends can attract an audience interested in knowing about new things in B2B marketing. 

Webinars are a great way to meet industry experts and learn more about the subject.

Live Streaming

Thanks to social media, live streaming is a fashion. As a result, it has also gained momentum in the B2B industry. 

Live streaming of the launch of products or ideas is the new way to target customers. And thanks to the pandemic, people prefer attending the live streaming rather than the real ones!

Thus, try to stream your next update live and see how popular you get!


Vlogs are a great way to send reminders or a glimpse of what your brand is up to. Vlogs ensure that you have updated content and your audience has something new to look at, at regular intervals.

Thus, incorporate video marketing in testimonials, promotional activities, or even a short speech by the founder or anyone that matters. Just keep the video length short and the beginning as captivating as possible because the audience decides within 10 seconds whether it wants to see the whole video or not!

Marketing Automation

Why should marketing stay behind, when there is automation in almost every field?

Marketing automation is a technology that is a must. Survival without marketing automation is not possible.

Let’s see how this technology has taken the B2B industry by storm.

Omnichannel Approach

An omnichannel marketing approach ensures that your customers receive the same warmth and services regardless of which channel they choose you!

Imagine every click on social media, forums, or search engine gives them the same customer engagement. Thus, no matter where they are in the buyer’s journey, it becomes easier to get back on track with an omnichannel approach.

Predictive Tracking

Marketing gets real easy when you start using predictive intelligence to track your customers. A customer’s online behavior tells a lot about them, and you can use the same to target them. For example, these marketing stats helps you to identify the times that they are most active and on which platform.

Thus, you can strategize your marketing techniques accordingly.

There are various B2B marketing tools available to automate your B2B marketing processes. You have to find the one which suits you the best!

Account-based Marketing

Account-based marketing, better known as ABM, is the perfect way to capture your target audience’s attention.

Moreover, this strategy targets the most exclusive customers with an incredibly personalized approach.

The strategy involves:


You could organize an event, particularly for your key accounts and lure them through some take-aways. You could leave a surprise at the end of the invite, which makes them curious to attend your events.

Believe it or not, there are ABM events hosted out there for exclusive clients, and the gifts include expensive things like Apple watches and more!

Direct mails

Direct mails are the perfect way to show that you value your clients. You can send your marketing message with a touch of personalization, like a handwritten note or a souvenir that reminds them of your brand. 

You can use direct mails to schedule in-person meetings or get the clients' attention if the project is stuck in the pipeline.

Personalized Ads

Ads are annoying but not personalized ones! Imagine an ad popping up just for you, and the ad contains that one answer to the pain point or challenge you are facing!

Such ads are a blessing in disguise. So take out time, find out the challenges of your prospective clients and reach out to them through personalized ads.

Personalized Websites

Yes, you may design different homepages for different clients. It gives you a competitive advantage. You have to get the technical details right, and the browser does its work!

Account-based marketing has proved to work wonders for B2B customers and improved marketing stats tremendously. In fact, according to a DemnandGen report, 90% of businesses claim that they gain at least 10% annual profit with the implementation of ABM.

Social Media Marketing/ Influencer Marketing

We are in the social media age. Everything is on social media, from what we eat to where we are and whom we do business with. Social media is the best place to get to know your customers and what they want. They are the best platforms to research and engage your customers.


You can engage your customers through online polls and comments or tag them in relevant posts. It increases brand awareness, and customers know that you exist and are active!

It gives a chance for you to interact with them and know what they want and how to deliver it in the best way.


The stats at G2 and Heinz Marketing say that 92% of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review.

Hence proved that reviews play an essential role in conversion. 

Thus, try to get reviews from happy clients and let those reviews speak for your business. 

Influencer Marketing

Thanks to social media, influencer marketing has reached great heights and has immense potential. 

When industry experts recommend your products, it creates the most significant impact on the buyer's mind. 

To implement influencer marketing the correct way, all you have to do is,

  • Incorporate ideas of industry experts while creating content.
  • Filter your loyal and influential clients and ask them to endorse your brand.

Storytelling Marketing

Nothing impresses a buyer more than a story that is weaved for selling. The more intriguing the story is, the more product it sells.

Some businesses have reached great heights because the CEO or founder had a great story about finding specific solutions. And that story led to successful sales and conversions.

Storytelling has many benefits like:

  • It connects the customers to the brand.
  • It allows the customer to know the motive behind the brand.
  • It bridges the gap between you and your customers.
  • It enhances customer relationships.

Location-Based Marketing

As the name suggests, location-based marketing is a strategy that allows you to track the user locations and then target them accordingly. This strategy can be a powerful B2B marketing tool to implement personalization, If properly accessed.

Location-based marketing has a positive impact on B2B marketing channels, too. One should implement it to gain customer and competitor insights. According to the data, marketers can customize their strategies and plans for clients in a particular area.

Location-based marketing lets you know where the customer is, in their buying journey, and the challenges they face?

Geotargeting helps in targeting the right businesses at the right place at the right time!

Mobile Marketing

Some organizations are still reluctant about mobile marketing for B2B. But the Smart Insights survey stated that 55% of B2B buyers are expected to purchase using their mobile devices.

Thus, it is better to invest ample resources to strategize mobile marketing. Mobile marketing plays a crucial role in B2B marketing despite offices limiting the use of mobiles.

There are three ways organizations can incorporate mobile marketing in their B2B marketing channels.

Mobile-Friendly Search

Ensure that your ads, campaigns, landing pages, and digital marketing strategies are mobile-friendly. They should have a responsive design and a direct CTA.

Google states that B2B mobile searches have increased up to 70% from 2017. Thus, keeping our designs responsive is the need of the hour.

Voice Search

When you leverage voice search in your marketing strategy, your chances of appearing in snippets and PAA section double up. 

You have to focus immensely on search engine optimization and keywords for voice search. But once you understand the audience and their questions, all relatable searches are directed to your business.

Responsive Web Design

Remember, there are slim chances of your content getting indexed if you have a mobile-friendly and responsive website design.

Search engines change their algorithms regularly, and to be ahead in the race, you have to keep your website and the content up to date.

So keeping your business discoverable on mobile is the need of the hour!

The Conclusion

These B2B marketing trends will set you apart from your competitors in 2022. All you have to do is implement the right ones at the right place and time.

If you need any marketing help, Deck 7 is always there at your rescue for all types of B2B lead generation services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which B2B marketing strategies will be trend-setters in 2022?

The B2B marketing strategies set to rule and amplify in 2022 are:

  • Intent-Based Content Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing / Influencer Marketing
  • Storytelling Marketing
  • Location-based Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing

What are the changes in B2B marketing?

B2B marketing has evolved drastically. It has become more customer-centric. Therefore, all strategies are designed keeping the customer in mind. 

The clients are essential in B2B marketing. First, they are placed centrally in the idea, and then the marketing strategy is crafted accordingly. 

How is B2B marketing different from B2C marketing?

Initially, there was a difference between B2B and B2C marketing, but both have become customer-centric. But planning sales for B2B and B2C is slightly different.

And the difference is the decision-makers. B2B has many people in the decision-making process, whereas in B2C, you have to convince only one person.