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Generate More B2B Leads Through Multichannel Marketing

Sales teams trying to grow their leads could be focused on inbound lead generation, outbound marketing, or both. Needless to say, most marketing efforts have the end goal of ensuring people arrive at your landing page and generating leads for the business.

The lead generation process has grown into a very dynamic one that could be carried out in several ways with the help of marketing automation. B2B companies searching for leads from their target audience should be implementing multichannel marketing for a higher conversion rate. Customers are continually searching for information on different media and generating leads is crucial at this stage in your lead generation process. With the pressure to find new customers, B2B companies are taking the next steps in marketing to multiple channels and improving their lead nurturing process.

Generating B2B leads with multichannel marketing could be daunting. Follow these steps to get you closer to a holistic marketing approach:

Focus on the Audience

Ever B2B marketer spends countless hours trying to determine who their buyer is, what they look like, and how to duplicate them when searching for a new lead. Another important aspect to know about your audience is where they go for information. In the B2B space, it is very important to be specific about the audience you are targeting. For example, you could be setting your sights on marketing directors of a company that has between 100-500 employees located in the U.S. Logically, one must determine the best media to reach this audience.

Once you select your target audience, create a customer persona that details any insight you might have on your buyer. Find out where they go when searching for information, what their hold-ups might be, how they establish trust in another company, or if there are multiple players involved in the buying decision. This will help determine the types of channels to place ads in or to become active in.

Integrate Channels

For so long marketers have placed TV ads, radio ads, print ads, and so forth. Now that digital marketing has become increasingly popular, experts are optimizing their creatives and blasting them everywhere. Using a range of tools increases your chances to be seen, engage, and form a relationship with your audience. Multichannel lead generation done right will not only increase your reach but will decrease your spend in comparison to how marketing was once done. Lead generation marketing done with a multichannel approach can utilize some or all of these tools:

  • Email
  • Social media
  • Text messaging
  • Website and blogs
  • Mobile apps
  • Online advertising (pay-per-click)

To generate a qualified lead efficiently through a multichannel approach is to take an integrated approach. Optimize each medium to its fullest potential. By using clips from a webinar to create a social media post and then developing a whitepaper on the same topic can save lots of time. A social media lead is one among many potential customers that can easily convert into a quality lead for your marketing team. The same goes for any potential lead in your lead generation funnel, each prospective customer can experience a tailored customer journey via a multichannel lead generation technique. Content syndication is another content marketing technique that allows you to acquire your next sales lead in B2B lead generation. Supporting your presence through other mediums will give rise to a seamless lead generation strategy.

Find Your Audience Where They’re At

The struggle with marketing is being in the right place at the right time. This is where a multichannel approach comes in handy. Being present on multiple channels will give you a much broader reach. Although some may mistake multichannel for ALL channels, the purpose is to be the most efficient you can be. Choose the most effective channels for your target audience.

With B2B buyers taking a turn in the generational gap, many will be younger rather than older. This generation is more online than the last. Targeting through mobile, apps, and online will be much easier than a newspaper ad. Making sure that you are detailed when describing your buyer persona will really come into play here. Your conversion rate depends on many factors including the design of your landing page.


While using multiple channels may seem like doing more work, the opposite is true. So much time is spent on creating a Facebook ad or lead ad, each thought leadership blog post, webinars, videos, and content. There is no reason to create a new content marketing piece for each channel. Again the opposite is also true in this case. Having the same messaging across all mediums will give you the branding you desire. Making sure that everyone is on the same page will help with transparency and consistency.

B2B lead generation can be effective and efficient. Email marketing has usually reigned supreme when it comes to lead generation efforts but generating leads does not need to be limited to outbound lead generation. If you employ social media lead generation in your lead generation process you are bound to see an increased conversion rate from your landing page. Use a lead generation tool and marketing automation to ease the process for your next lead generation campaign. Simplify your lead management methods with lead generation software or use an agency to take care of all your lead generation services. Multichannel content marketing is a great way to reach your customers of every industry, size, and level. Ensure that your demand generation activities align with your overall lead gen strategy as well. Take your inbound marketing to the next level and give your customers the convenience of finding you through their favorite channels.