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How Artificial Intelligence Will Revamp Marketing Dynamics in 2020

“Marketing is about innovation. Marketing’s job is never done. It’s always about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day,” Beth Comstock  Tweet This!

Digital marketing strategies are evolving with a fast pace and innovation is the only solution to cope with this. Technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning have given wings to digital marketing techniques, making it more effective and increasing the chances of sales conversion. Digital marketing practices must be aligned with this fast-changing pace for the growth of a digital marketing company. This could prove to be a paradigm shift in digital marketing. 

Innovation is the key to success for any marketing company. With more companies targeting the leads in this competitive market, it is essential for a digital marketing company to adopt new techniques pertaining to this changing market dynamics. Markets, they are versatile today. Artificial intelligence and machine learning is the reason behind making it versatility and competitiveness. Different AI & ML tools can be utilized effectively to generate leads and increase the chances of sales conversion.

Let’s learn more about how incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning is helping the marketers in revolutionizing their businesses.

Creating And Customizing Content

Artificial intelligence and machine learning provide insights that help the brands to create better content. AI tools are helping businesses create personalized, relevant and responsive content along with customization according to one’s business needs or marketing goals. Artificial intelligence along with machine learning utilizes the available data in real-time to draw conclusions and make decisions independently thus saving time.

Artificial intelligence when integrated with machine learning help the marketers in content selection and delivery process hence delivering value to potential customers. Content automation and AI tools like Articoolo, Wordsmith, Article Forge, Word AI, Quill, etc. help the marketers in content automation which makes it easy for the marketers to boost the click-through rate (CTR) on their websites. 

Content Curation (CG) Services

Curating content is a great way to advance your reach. Artificial intelligence proves to be of great use in curating content besides generating it. When content is curated using artificial intelligence, it increases the possibility of connecting with customers on websites and showing them more relevant and desired content. There is a number of tools that harness the power of AI to curate content more effectively. Artificial intelligence works by tracking the visitors for the topics they have looked at or spent more time hence delivering them with the relevant information related to it.

Here are some reasons that more marketers are turning to AI to improve the quality of their content curation strategies and increasing their ROI.

  • Artificial intelligence algorithms make it easier for companies to find content to syndicate. They use machine learning algorithms that are able to draw better insights into the contextual relevance of content.
  • Deep data mining tools give them access to content and are able to find sources of content that were previously difficult to identify.
  • Artificial intelligence tools streamline the process of editing content to make sure that it is properly presented to your target audience, hence widening its reach.

Audience Selection

The power of AI can be leveraged to expand a marketer’s campaign reach beyond linear segmentation to include individuals who are similar to those who have converted. Artificial intelligence tools improve audience selection and segmentation while identifying a target audience based on past behaviors and patterns which helps marketers to offer tailored experiences that will increase the relevance. Relevance leads to better conversions, revenue, and ROI while delivering experiences that will resonate with potential customers.

Some other ways AI benefits audience selection are:

  • AI helps in building better interfaces like live chat response, product selection features and more. AI can be used to impress customers and offer new conveniences.
  • AI and ML tools bring more real-time capability by making the data collection process automated rather than drawing out data from CRM systems in a traditional way with less human intervention.
  • Machine learning and AI tools help to build a cognitive ‘model’ from the available data evading the traditional way of going through hundreds or thousands of client files on the database to build the same.

Thus, AI allows companies to create model-based audiences which in turn results in more effective sales processes.


AI can help marketers determine the best time and place to engage with potential customers based on past channel performance and the information available about the individuals. Artificial intelligence and machine learning track online research of millions of companies, hence generating a highly accurate intent score based on the accurate, actionable and highly targeted intent data in the market. AI channelizes the sales thus captivating the sales teams.

Predictive Analysis

AI helps the marketers to quickly understand what’s working and what’s not so they can make adjustments to improve performance and have better ROIs. AI-driven technology makes use of deep learning to analyze outputs using the detailed information extracted by the algorithms. Therefore, AI facilitates the marketers to use deep learning to understand, anticipate, analyze and act faster to develop smarter campaigns and preserve their time for more demanding tasks.

Moreover, AI can also closely analyze past results to predict outcomes like conversion rates, revenue, and customer value. This provides a baseline for planning by which marketers can carry out mid-course adjustments when anomalies occur and some changes are needed.

Email Marketing Revolution

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are benefiting the marketers in maximizing their email marketing efforts.  Tweet This! Marketers are using AI to personalize email marketing campaigns based on preferences and user behaviors which makes it possible to connect better with the customers and probably turn them into potential clients. AI analyzes the data about the consumer to determine the best time to contact them, the recommended frequency and delivering the most relevant content to them. In addition, AI also tracks the titles and subject lines of the emails that generate more clicks. AI proves to be the best when it comes to personalizing emails for each subscriber.

AI Assisted Web Design

The induction of AI and ML to the existing technology has made it possible for marketers around the world to design a better and interactive website based on the real experiences of their past and existing prospects.

  • Different AI tools can be used to design a professional-looking website based on user-provided information like images, texts, calls-to-action, etc. AI uses different algorithms to enhance the personalized web experience by analyzing data from single-user and delivering them with the best-fitting offers and content. 
  • AI also provides the marketers with behavioral personalization for websites like push notifications which can deliver the right message at the right time to the specific individual users as a part of a marketing campaign.


Chatbots leverage the power of AI in delivering better customer service experience to the prospects.   Tweet This! It provides 24/7 support for the users in a conversational way through messenger applications. Chatbots make the process of automating easier by providing prospects with a way to search for the product or service they’re looking for. Chatbots use natural learning processing (NLP) and machine learning to find the correct response for each query projected. Chatbots also retain the customer conversation query history to serve them the best.

Voice Search

With AI-powered virtual assistants, there is a considerable rise in voice searches. Different AI algorithms are utilized to recognize the speech and transforming it into a desirable search. Voice search involves the use of voice recognition techniques to deliver the best search results hence enhancing the customer experience. Voice search helps the marketers to deliver and assist their prospects in their buying journey or closing a deal.


AI and ML have revolutionized the way marketers deal with their prospects and closing the deals. The power of AI has upsurged the threshold of the marketers. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have made it possible for marketers to engage with every individual customer in a more personalized way.   Tweet This! The list of advantages of AI and ML is almost endless. Its time to explore more and more about this advancing technology and utilizing it in an effective way to stand out.