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Marketing Dynamics in a Nutshell


Can we just acknowledge the fact that our concept of marketing has changed completely? Kind of like the famous Snapchat dog filter, I mean who knew there were going to be so many different variations to it?

Each year we step into a new trend, face new challenges and come up with different solutions to one-up our competitors. But the territory of advancing tech and consumer needs is ever-changing, which makes it quite apparent that going by the rules of the old playbook won’t make it to the top. Today, the success of your business solely depends on building brand awareness and meeting your customers’ increasing demands. Simply because it’s not about you anymore, it’s about them.     Tweet This!

The rules might have changed; however, the goal remains the same. And with that in mind, let’s take some time out to discuss in brief about the current aspects of marketing and how they are affecting the business.

Artificial Intelligence

It’s already happening! Marketing leaders are already using Artificial Intelligence in order to improve customer journey and get better return of investment. Not only in the dynamic marketing landscape, AI has also proved to be the one-stop solution for organizations as a whole. From sourcing better quality leads and personalizing B2B marketing to offering a broader online shopping experience, it has already made its way into the lives of both the customers and marketers. 

Machine Learning from Micro-moments

“For consumers and marketers alike, mobile has forced a rewriting of the rules” says Sridhar Ramaswamy, Senior VP of Ads & Commerce in Google. He says that the need to buy something, to learn something, watch something or discover something are all intent-rich moments. And that’s where machine learning steps in; to predict their intent at every step of the way. By segregating the right data and coming up with the right communication strategy, machine learning doesn’t just predict, it also dictates what we are going to do in life.

Machine Automation

It’s predicted that the use of machine automation will increase by the end of this year resulting into more profit and a significant drop on your expenses. According to Mike Dickerson, CEO of ClickDimensions, use of machine automation can help in making smarter business decisions and efficiently serving the potential customers with what they want. From helping the sales department with web intelligence to recruiting skilled employees in the HR department, machine automation will effortlessly streamline your day-to-day tasks for the better. 

Customer Relationship Management

It’s not that easy to improve customer satisfaction, boost sales, collect relevant data and to also set yourself apart from the crowd, which is why the demand for CRM is skyrocketing. Top vendors like SAP, Oracle and Salesforce have been tweaking their systems to meet the requirements in the always changing platform that’s driven by user data and technology.

The rules of survival might have changed in the marketing platform over the decades, but the core principle remains the same – staying true to your customers. Make sure to take into account your customers’ need and intent instead of your own.