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Revamp your Search Marketing Tactics to Rank First


Digital marketing techniques involve a lot of online marketing activities that marketers carry out to widen their reach and increase their online presence. Lead generation, account-based marketing (ABM), content marketing, social media marketing, search marketing, etc. are some of the major digital marketing techniques that marketers rely on.

In this article, we will try to explore new search marketing strategies that marketers must adapt to remain in the rat-race and to grow their revenue.

We all know how crucial search marketing is in terms of conversion value it serves in. Search marketing technique is used to create or increase an online presence and gaining traffic or visibility through paid and unpaid strategies on search engines. The main aim of search marketing is to generate more and more traffic which eventually leaves the marketers turning their prospects or clients into potential customers.


Is Search Marketing Important?

Well, both SEO and SEM sound the same as they are the subsets of search marketing techniques, but there is still a slight difference between the two.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Search engine optimization involves increasing the visibility of a webpage or traffic through unpaid or free listings.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Search engine marketing is online marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) through paid advertising.

Let’s dive into the marketing world and discuss each search marketing strategy in detail.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Though many marketers adopt SEM practices to increase their online presence and widen their reach with the help of paid advertisements, SEO strategies when utilized effectively can prove to be more useful to achieve marketing targets and other digital marketing requirements without the need of spending money on advertisements. Marketers can adopt different SEO strategies to meet their targets.

An SEO strategy becomes effective only when all the activities that it involves aim to significantly improve the overall quality or rankings of a website or the online presence of the brand in an emerging market. SEO serves to be the most powerful strategy of marketing for any business because in this strategy, people who are already searching for a product, service, or information are targeted.

Here are some points to consider when working on SEO strategy: 

Understand Your Target Market 

SEO techniques are not just about generating more and more traffic but instead attracting high-value visitors interested in what you offer along with retaining them as loyal prospects. Your SEO marketing strategy should be clear in terms of demographics, your market searching goals, and tracking your prospects’ performances for web searches along with their location. Once you are clear with these, then your SEO strategy will prove to be more valuable with higher ROI. In addition, different tools like Google Analytics will further help you in tracking and reporting website traffic.


Optimize Websites For Mobile Devices

The statistics show that in the past few years online mobile market has overtaken desktops with a rise in the number of mobile users. Search engine results page (SERP) rankings can be improved when the websites are optimized for mobile browsers. In addition, tools like Google's 'Mobile-Friendly Test' ensures if the web-page is mobile-friendly.

Search your website on different search engines

Search Engines don’t just include Google, but other alternatives to Google where you can search for your website to see the ranking. Search engines like Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing can be utilized for a significant portion of searches and ranking of your sites. This will further give you insights on your site performance. Along with this, improving social media engagement and adding meta tags can help you to boost your website (SERP) rankings.

Know your audience requirements

With the advancement in digital marketing, search techniques have also changed to a great extent. Most digital marketers have designed their digital framework as a marketing strategy to cope with the cutting edge competition. Nowadays with the inclusion of AI, search engines have become more efficient to understand conversational queries rather than complex phrases. These search techniques are the result of changes in user habits owing to SEO knowledge they have today. Marketers ought to focus on the keywords that will lead to more conversions, revenue, and profits instead of those that generate more traffic.

Analysis plays a vital role

Tracking your rank on search engines is the key to getting better results. Set a baseline for your performance by tracking the most important website metrics. Look for feedback and comments and make the necessary content changes to see if your site traffic or rankings improve. Always keep track of the things that worked for performance improvement and the ones that did not.

SEM Leverages The Power Of SEO And SEM Combined

Though SEO services increase visibility by generating traffic in search engines for free, shelling out some money can get you through the cut-throat competition in marketing. SEO when combined with SEM proves to be more effective in these techniques.

SEM increases visibility by delivering the marketers with paid traffic along with add-on advantage of free traffic. Paid search advertising enables marketers to buy advertising space in search engine results. This helps the marketers to bring their businesses in front of search results instead of ranking high in free listings. Advertising tools like Google AdWords help marketers to display their ads in Google search results where they need to pay only for the clicks on their ads, hence it is known as pay-per-click (PPC). Likewise, marketers can extend these strategies to other search engines too like Bing and Yahoo.


Is SEM Traffic Important?

SEM traffic is targeted Internet traffic. Hence it directly hits the bull’s eye as people use search engines for almost every activity they do on the internet. So, when website visitors click on an ad, they are more likely to convert, thus making SEM traffic more valuable.


Traffic coming directly from search engines have a greater chance of sales conversion along with better ROI. Different platforms like Facebook and Twitter also try to utilize targeted traffic by optimizing their advertising platforms.

Is Choosing The Right Digital Marketing Service Important?

Optimization plays a vital role here and all these marketing strategies will be in vain if marketers fail to implement these strategies effectively. Businesses should not only focus on the services provided by marketers but also choose the right service for their marketing campaigns. This makes a huge difference by helping them stand out because these tactics may vary according to different industry domains and search optimization may not be that effective in such cases.

Businesses should perform their first personal search in selecting and choosing the right service according to their marketing needs. Choosing the right digital marketing service and approaching dynamic marketers with extensive industry experience and multi-channel approach should be the goal of business prospects. Dynamic marketers make effective use of both these technical optimization tactics (SEO & SEM) needed to be designed into a website and carry out broader integration along with other marketing efforts across multiple channels. Thus, businesses improve their SERP rankings and the overall online presence through these well-optimized SEO and SEM services. 

So get connected with a dedicated SEO/SEM specialist today.


We have discussed the core components of a successful SEO campaign. While there are a number of search marketing strategies that can work for marketers, some might be industry and demography-specific. So, choosing the right marketing strategy and the right search engine marketing service provider becomes crucial for marketers and businesses. The success of any site or brand is possible only when these strategies are implemented and integrated effectively along with constant innovation and the addition of new strategies to the existing ones.