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True Influence® Inaugurates Its Intent Data Feed

True Influence, an intent-based marketing and demand generation solutions provider, announced its Intent Base data feed. The tool aims to provide B2B marketing teams with intent signals that represent opportunities to connect with a target audience.

Why Intent Data Is Essential for B2B Marketers and Enterprises?

What is user intent, is common question asked by marketers. Intent data is the elixir that makes marketing strategies tick and allows companies to leverage customer insights to understand why their ideal client purchases their product. This data can then be used to map out a buyer’s journey to better optimize targeting the prospect at each step. With the emergence of big data, Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, intent data becomes a valuable tool that helps marketers with clear patterns from billions of data.

According to True Influence - an integrated marketing strategy stresses a consistent, seamless, yet multidimensional brand experience for each customer. This means every touch across mobile screens, laptops, television, radio, print, events, and in person reinforces your core message to a relevant audience. 

 “Quality intent data marketing can be a powerful predictor of who is in a specific market and ready to buy, enabling organizations to improve the performance and success of their sales and marketing programs,” said Brian Giese, CEO of True Influence in a statement. “Our data covers the entire world wide web, researching intent across millions of accounts and locations, increasing the amount and quality of intent data that our users receive.” 

Main features of the Intent Base data feed include:

  • Exclusive True Influence Identity Graph™ technology that identifies intent signals to create customized data feeds.
  • Ability to choose between domain, URL, company, intent score, city, state, topic, and date, or contact B2B intent data.
  • Advanced triangulation based on dozens of variables, accounts, pinpoints, locations, and specific individuals who are expressing intent. This essential intent intelligence is either missing or ignored in most other platforms.
  • AI, machine learning, and natural language processing identifies the precise person in-market, maps and topical interests’ activity to True Influence’s more than 6,500 B2B topics. The ability to add new topics anytime.
  • Buying groups or demand unit determination by customer persona automatically identifying individuals who match the criteria across any account list or audience segment in a comprehensive B2B contact database.
  • Rigorous quarterly maintenance that includes verification, standardization, deliverability, deceased processing, and NCOA. Additionally, all intent and contact information delivered by Intent Base is in full compliance with GDPR and other prevailing privacy regulations.

“As data becomes more accessible, B2B marketers need to be able to make it scalable and useful in order to accurately target prospects when they are in a specific market and ready to buy. This is where quality intent data is critical,” said Kerry Cunningham, senior research director at SiriusDecisions. “Being able to view buying group and contact level data gives marketers the ability to understand and leverage customer insights to identify potential buyers at a very early stage.”

As we move into 2020, buyer should leverage intent data to align with various CRM, account-based execution, and marketing account intelligence software. With several other intent data technology providers in the B2B sector, including Madison Logic, Tech Target, and IDG, it will be interesting to see how True Influences’ product will be adopted by the market. Unique features like True Influence Identity Graph™ technology and extensive AI and machine learning capabilities will certainly help in making it stand out from the rest.