Robo-Advisors vs Financial Advisors – Get the Best of Both Worlds

Days of doing manual tasks are way behind us, and despite the debate surrounding the emergence of robo-advisors being a threat to human advisors, there seems to be no sign of stopping it.Tweet This!Created as a result of the 2008 financial crisis, robo-advisors were first launched by Betterment and since then many others have followed suit, including PersonCapital and Wealthfront. Their main goal ...[More]

Banking: The Emerging Business Opportunity

Banking industry has seen a tremendous revolution today. With digitalization, the way we bank has changed to a great extent. Gone are the days when plastic money was considered as advancement in banking technology. Today plastic money like debit cards, credit cards, and other cards is almost considered bygone. Nowadays banking services are right in our palm with just one touch access to your perso...[More]