Connected Devices as the Future of Tech Revolution

Connectivity is extensively extending its reach to gadgets and devices owing to the internet and other technologies. The evolution in connectivity has made it possible to connect ourselves with the devices and gadgets that we use in our daily lives. Connectivity is bridging the gap between people and bringing them closer to technology.Tweet This!It has almost personified our gadgets and devices ma...[More]

Internet of Things (IoT): The Future of Technology

TheInternet of things (IoT)refers to the concept of extending Internet connectivity beyond conventional computing platforms such as personal computers and mobile devices. Any device which is able to communicate with the Internet can be referred as IoT. The internet has been extensively induced in most of the things today. These things without the internet are more like futile. From home appliances...[More]

Top 8 Digital Breakthroughs Powered By Iot

It’s no biggie that devices from the watches we wear to cars and refrigerators we use daily have evolved and are doing a lot more than what they were originally designed to do — thanks to the miracle that is IoT. By reducing human interventions and rendering our homes smarter, IoT is quickly becoming one of the phenomena to bring future at the doorsteps of mankind.Tweet This!IoT or Int...[More]