SEO Tactics to Boost Your Whitepaper

Does your business content strategy include whitepaper marketing? If not, you should definitely consider indulging in producing one. Whitepaper marketing can make a great impact on the amount of traffic you generate for your website and the amount of leads you capture.Your whitepaper must be approached from a perspective of it being helpful to readers and not just being pitchy to try and get leads...[More]

Top Ways to Bolster your Whitepaper Outreach

There is a lot of effort, time and expertise that goes into creating an elaborate and definitive brief document called a ‘whitepaper’, but the work doesn’t stop here, you’re only halfway through! Whitepapers are an effective tool for content promotion when it comes to the B2B market sphere. You need to get down and proceed with a decisive plan for promoting your whitepaper ...[More]

A Guide To Whitepaper Promotion On Publication Sites

Do Publication Sites Really MatterA successful whitepaper does require all the promotional activities but at the same time the places where you publish your whitepaper matters a lot. Imagine a situation where you have done all the promotional activities for your whitepaper with the best display ads, interstitial ads, and other rich media content but there are no visitors on the page where you have...[More]

3 Whitepaper Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Whether you intend to drive more leads or position yourself as a thought leader,creating atop-notch whitepaperdoesn’t come easy– especially when everyone is vying to take center-stage amidst all the content clutter. Regardless of the end goal, the only way to distinguish a great whitepaperfrom the sea of mediocrity is to determine how well it resonates with the buyers’ problems.K...[More]