7 Clever B2B Lead Generation Strategies in 2020

New year, new challenges!That's not true for B2B lead generation companies. Lead generation continues to be marketers' primary task, but also a constant challenge. According toHubSpot, generating traffic and leads was a major challenge for 63% of marketers in 2019. Now, if you're one of the marketers, you don't want to enter the new year with the same problems. And we are here to help.Over the las...[More]

Global B2B Geomarketing Trends for 2020

The rapid advancement of location-based technology has propelled Geomarketing to the frontline of marketing strategies.Enterprises are heavily investing in geo-based marketing technologies to connect to their ideal buyers. According to the latest 2019 report by Zion Market Research, the global geomarketing market spending was about $7.4 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach approximately $38.1 ...[More]

Best Practices to Create an Ideal Webinar

Webinars are increasingly becoming a popular tool for multiple industries around the world. They’re being widely employed by marketers and other professionals to effectively establish conversations with individuals to display products, services, and generate potential leads.A webinar is a web-based meeting or presentation held in real time with individuals around the globe.Why the fuss? Crea...[More]

6 Things Keeping You Away from Generating Travel-tech Qualified Leads

The most prevalent question in the travel tech industry for marketers is “How do you get quality leads?” A business cannot survive without a constant inflow of leads. According to Statista, business travel makes a total global economic contribution of 1.23 trillion U.S. dollars. There is huge scope and potential for marketers, especially with the upcoming wave of artificial intelligenc...[More]

Traffic, Leads or Sales: How to Set Goals to Define your Marketing Campaigns

“There are some things that money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s________ “. I don’t need to complete the slogan, do I? MasterCard! The answer jumps right at you without even thinking. This is exactly what seasoned and successful marketing efforts aim to achieve, but it’s not as easy as it seems. Creating a complete new marketing campaign may definitely ...[More]

Email Marketing - Still the Single Best Marketing Channel to Drive Leads

Talking about successful marketing strategies, do you know email marketing consistently ranks as one of the best tactics to reach your ultimate marketing goals?The world today is dominated by social media and mobile, where an Email marketing campaign is not a new thing. Yet, there is no denial of the fact that still, it is one of the most effective channels for any business organisation to drive m...[More]

Content Marketing - Key Practices to Adopt in 2019

Three adjectives come to mind when we think of content marketing – engaging, highly effective and perfectly appropriate for the online generation.Tweet This!As a matter of fact, it is the next big marketing revolution!We live in a world where trends come and go, and people’s expectations keep changing. When the requirement came about for meeting the consumers’ needs on a digital ...[More]

7 B2b Demand Generation Strategies For 2020

Demand generation is often mistaken with lead generation though it is significantly different. Let's make it clearer here. Demand generation is a long-term activity to create awareness and needs about the product or service in the minds of prospects, whereas lead generation is mainly about getting contact details through various activities.Moreover, demand generation is about educating your prospe...[More]

Use Of Pop-Ups For Lead Generation

Pop-ups are used on almost every website nowadays. Chances are, you have already encountered thousands of them. At first glance, they may seem to have a bad reputation due to their intrusiveness to the user experience, but if used correctly, they can be a very powerful tool to help marketers in generating leads by enabling more user friction with the website's content. 'Software Sumo' reported tha...[More]

Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics You Shouldn’T Ignore

A successfulCRO campaignwon’t just save your time, money, and efforts but also help you discover new growth strategies for your business.Tweet This!When executed right, CRO uncovers useful customer behavior insights as well as important tips on how to better optimize the user experience (UX) to meet your goals.But how do you pull off an effective campaign that drives results? According to th...[More]

The Anatomy Of Lead Generation For Travel Tech Companies

There is a shift going on in the business world led by digital media. The world of business travel is also changing and lead generation can seem overwhelming here. But, once you understand marketing and how to generate leads, you can pretty much control any niche.What Is Your Lead Generation Strategy as a Business Travel Agency?Is it word of mouth?Are you sitting and waiting for new leads to come ...[More]

Best Content Marketing Hacks That’Ll Skyrocket Your Sales

Let’s understand the dynamics of content marketing. You’re producing loads of different content and distributing them but you’ve failed to generatesales.If you’re someone who:doesn’t have a clearly defined content strategyhas their strategy focused on awareness and engagement, not on driving salesand is struggling to make content marketing impact on salesHere are 6 re...[More]

Lead Generation In Apac (Singapore): 7 Hacks For Absolute Success

Having gone through substantial changes, mainly, digital, and social, lead generation at present means to focus on being found and nurture long-term relationships with buyers.Tweet This!Let's dive into learning how businesses in Singapore – one of the APACregions, is generating leads to drive sales leads for long-term success:Using Direct EngagementThis approach is all about interacting with...[More]

Up Your Lead Generation Game In The It Industry

Today the reality of information technology is that it has influenced almost every business organization. With the progression of innovative technology each and every angle of business is impacted significantly, and one of the areas that technology has affected the most, however, is the IT Lead Generation domain.Trying to bring in customers for an ever-growing IT industry?Well, there is no denial ...[More]