Top 10 Predictive AI Marketing Tools For 2020

The artificial intelligence platform market is estimated to be worth $9.88 billion by 2022 and marketers will be at the forefront to adapt to these changes as they wave forward towards shaping the future of the advertising industry as a whole.If AI and marketing are stated as the "future", recent surveys indicate that the future is now!According to Forbes, 1.82 billion people worldwide are forecas...[More]

B2B Storytelling and Most Successful Formats for 2020

What is B2B Storytelling?Storytelling in B2B marketing isn't just about recounting to a decent story: it's the specialty of having the option to pass on your brand's story and convey your message in such a way that it will interest your group of audience, their feelings and eventually assist you with picking up their trust.Brand storytelling is picking up force in the marketing world. Stories are ...[More]

Remarketing – an Effective Way to Boost Your Conversion Rates

Struggling to convert your website traffic into leads? Remarketing is the digital magnet you can use to persuade your visitors. This effective strategy allows you to connect with potential leads you worked so hard to get to visit your site in the first place.What is Remarketing?In simple terms, remarketing is the practice of targeting a consumer with a recently viewed product to drive conversion. ...[More]

How Artificial Intelligence Will Revamp Marketing Dynamics in 2020

“Marketing is about innovation. Marketing’s job is never done. It’s always about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day,” Beth Comstock.Tweet This!Digital marketing strategies are evolving with a fast pace and innovation is the only solution to cope with this. Technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning have given wings to digital market...[More]

AI and Marketing - a New Beginning to Sky Rocket the Marketing Curve

Wondering how Artificial Intelligence can improve your marketing?Andrew Ng, an AI, and machine learning expert say, AI is the new electricity. Just as electricity started being used to power everything 100 years ago, AI is being added to everything now. And in marketing, there isn’t anything better than AI-empowered tools and techniques to spot opportunities.Businesses face many market chall...[More]

B2b Marketing For The Holiday Season

Christmas is just around the corner!B2C advertising thrives during the holiday season but the same cannot be said for its B2B counterpart. When customers are bombarded with offers, deals, and sales from all around, it can be difficult for B2B marketers to rise above the clutter and reach their prospects.But all is not doom and gloom, Forbes predicts that next year, more than half of B2B organizati...[More]

Tips To Create A Winning Linkedin Re-Targeting Strategy

“Remarketing” can be defined as taking a “second shot” at marketing to somebody who’s visited your website. If you’re running a B2B business and somebody visits your website to read an awesome article, blog or whitepaper but doesn’t send you a message to inquire more about your services. Instead, they just leave. Wouldn’t it be great if you could adv...[More]

Podcast Marketing: A Brief Overview

Marketers, are you looking to build a niche/premium client base that is highly engaged? Look no further than podcasts!85% of people who click “play” on a podcast listen to nearly all of it and 42 million Americans (or 15% of the US population) listen to a podcast every week.Podcasts Have Come A Long WayThe popularity of podcasts as a marketing outlet is growing and expanding exponentia...[More]

Supercharge Your Marketing Strategy With Predictive Analytics

Prediction- isn’t this a very natural activity of human brains about a future event?Yes! And it is often based upon experience or knowledge. Coming to Predictive Analytics, it is the branch of advanced analytics that is used to make predictions about unknown future events with the help of various historical data.Prediction is not just one of thing your brain does. It is the primary function ...[More]

Adobe's Annual Marketing Survey: The Essentials To Maturing Digitally In 2016

Maturing Digitally? Marketing isn’t what it used to be. Today, Digital Marketing is Marketing. It must be. A company will find any way possible to get its information out to those it wants to see it. Finding the best way to influence people to give the best experience. The fastest way to garner that attention is digitally.Adobe has graced us with this survey for the past seven years. A large...[More]