Why Is It Important for Product Marketers to Leverage Content?

Every organization is different, every company is different, every story is different, and every team in the marketing space is different. This blog is about the one thing that remains consistent in every marketing endeavor, and that is, content. Content has quickly become the champion of pretty much every marketing strategy today!As you tussle with how to communicate with today’s consumers,...[More]

Enhance Your Product Marketing Using Content - An Outreach Strategy Going Into 2020

Product marketing in a way can be very simplistic; it's like you showcase your shiny new object and if the audience likes it, they'll buy it. This traditional sales pitch approach can be incredibly short-term with negligible impact in terms of client connect. What if there was more to captivate the potential buyer and at the same time build customer relationships, rather than just dangling the fea...[More]