The Deck 7 Webinar Benchmarks Report is vendor agnostic and based on data from over 5,600 webinars across several of the top 12 webinar platforms.

Read theMASTERING B2B MULTI-CHANNEL MARKETING to see how your webinars measure against market benchmarks. And learn about the best practices to make your webinars more successful.

Demand Generation Strategies for Success in New Geos

Generating demand for offerings in new geographies is a challenging task for every marketer. As markets far and wide are moving towards each other and closing the gap, the demand forecast is no more myopic. Marketers have a wider horizon to target and far more channels to create demand. But the demographic, social, cultural, economic and legal complexities, customer preferences, etc. differs from region to region.

The whitepaper “Demand Generation Strategies for Success in New Geos” throws light on the following factors in EU, Canada, LATAM, MENA and ANZ regions for marketers who are looking at multiple geos to generate demand for their offerings.

  • ABM approaches to follow for different regions
  • Customer preferences
  • Legal considerations, and
  • Social landscapes

Demand Generation Whitepaper

How to kick start your video marketing campaign

The goal of video as a marketing tactic is adopted not just to bolster conversion rates but also to educate, increase web traffic, improve buyer journey and to strengthen brand loyalty. It’s not just a means to ramp up your outreach potential but also the key to building brand awareness through honesty and transparency.

It is reported by Wyzowl that adoption of video marketing in the industry has rapidly escalated by 83% and is expected to take over by 2020. But even so, having bigger expectations mean you’ll have even bigger challenges to overcome. And with the bar being raised each year, 90% of video marketers are feeling the pressure more than ever.

So without any further ado, let’s discuss the various trending strategies of video marketing and how top marketers are implementing it.



Enterprises in the B2B space are exploring the broad spectrum of possibilities with multichannel marketing. And rightfully so, because organizations want to be present at all those places where their prospective clients are. Be it indirectly in industry events, conferences, webinars, social platforms or directly in their mobiles, emails, etc. to strike the right note.

Finding the right audience through several touchpoints and getting them to engage with the brand does not happen by chance. Businesses have to be there, virtually, literally and holistically to get themselves noticed in the massive ocean of B2B service providers. And to capture the target audience at all right places, organizations need to redefine their marketing funnel to fit in the digitally conscious and socially aware prospects.