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Chemicals and Plastics: 1.4 million decision makers

The chemicals and plastics industry plays a crucial role as the backbone for various other industries, often supplementing key integrants in the manufacturing of a wide array of durable and nondurable consumer goods. The industry currently faces a challenge to find ways to adopt a circular economy and address critical environmental issues. Furthermore, the emergence of industry 4.0 trends driven by smart technologies has enabled newer enterprises to come to the forefront. Such rapid development is putting pressure on the industry, necessitating an understanding of new surfacing automation and governmental regulations. Facing such challenges will bring about new advancements in this sector in the coming years. The experts at Deck 7 understand that confronting such issues is necessary for the sustainability and growth of the industry. Our digital solutions enable clients to oversee a direct impact on the growth and expansion of revenues and income streams.

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In the chemicals industry, electronic B2B interactions between buyers and sellers typically rely on tools and techniques that have been in place for years. However, things are changing. Soon, the industry’s current approach to B2B—which traditionally focuses on sales transactions—may not be enough. To move to this next generation of B2B, chemical companies must adopt a broad range of digitally-enabled processes and practices.

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