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Unite Your Revenue Team to Increase Lead Quality and Conversion Rates

JUNE 27, 2023

Is Modern Marketing a Comedy of Errors? In the world of marketing, the scales of fate are tipped in favor of disinterested leads. Marketers around the globe find themselves trapped in a comedy of errors, lamenting their campaign failures, and roaming through a carnival midway of junk leads and bad d...

Data Intelligence

All You Need To Know About Data Privacy in the B2B Market

B2B businesses rely heavily on data sources to target their customers. These data sources provide companies with accurate information about their customers, their buying journeys, and their areas of interest. Information about customers is crucial to curating marketing and sales team strategies, but it is also essential to look out for the customers' privacy. Therefore, there has emerged a need fo...[more]

Data Intelligence

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2022: Everything You Need to Know

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a series of new regulations to give European Union (EU) citizens greater control over their data and information. Whenever a user visits a particular site, they look for the security sign in the URL bar. They proceed only after 100% assurance. Post that, they leave earlier than expected if the site asks them for personal data. Thus, after years of p...[more]

Data Intelligence

Intent Data in the Age of Data Regulation

Since the implementation of the Data Protection Act in 2018, the approach behind the use of data has changed dramatically. Our clients and customers don’t just want a great experience, they also want to make sure they can trust us. And it makes perfect sense in the present times. But as data is considered a key factor in a positive customer experience, U.S. brands and agencies have found it ...[more]

Data Intelligence

How Leveraging Big Data Can Boost Your Target Marketing

Having trouble with boosting your marketing efforts and driving more sales? Ever since big data came into picture the world of marketing changed significantly.With millions of data being generated on a daily basis, it not only seems convenient but is equally difficult for businesses to segregate the right data that will lead them to the ideal consumer. Same goes for executing the correct strategie...[more]

Data Intelligence

Understanding Data Mining in 2019

The real reason behind why digital personalization and customer experience (CX) is soaring every year is because experts have been able to hack into the heart of their main challenge, and that is – data. Yes. Data is everywhere today. Every big enterprise is scrambling to tell us about their big data, data analytics, data privacy etc, and amidst that data mania there is data mining.Tweet Thi...[more]

Data Intelligence

How to Be GDPR Compliant in 2021 and Beyond

It’s been almost a year since the GDPR was put into effect which caused a fundamental shift in the marketing landscape. And with the global need to enforce transparency between businesses and users, it looks like few other countries have followed suit. The reason why GDPR came to exist in the first place was because of the massive digital disruption, especially the internet. Users demanded m...[more]

Data Intelligence

5 Best Practices For Your Customer Data Management

Customer data management… what is it? Why do we need it? Is there a right or wrong way touse it? Simply put: it is important, because, and YES! Many times sales teams engage with a prospect, forget about the conversation, and they become a lost lead. We’re human of course we forget things from time to time. So, how do we fix this? And what are the answers to those questions, for real?...[more]

Data Intelligence

The Importance and Benefits of Multiple Data Sources for B2B

We all know that we need the right customers to enhance a particular business and set the sales graph soaring. These customers are handpicked from the massive database of external sources. It means that the source of the data is generated is highly crucial. This data plays an essential role in assisting the marketing and sales teams and enhancing the entire organization's decision-making process. ...[more]
"Digital marketing, and all the channels included within that, is more essential than ever before for businesses around the globe."

-Mike Dickerson Chief Executive Officer

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C-Suite On Deck, APRIL 20, 2020

Data Intelligence

Why B2B Brands Should Have Multiple Data Sources

To strive in the competitive, data-driven B2B market, your business tactics game should be on point and ahead of the other businesses in the market. 'Time is 'money' is not quite true in the B2B sphere. It goes like this. 'Data is 'money'! But obviously, the data itself is not going to get you the money. However, you are responsible for leveraging the value of the data that you have to enhance the...[more]

Data Intelligence

True Influence® Inaugurates Its Intent Data Feed

True Influence, an intent-based marketing and demand generation solutions provider, announced its Intent Base data feed. The tool aims to provide B2B marketing teams with intent signals that represent opportunities to connect with a target audience. Why Intent Data Is Essential for B2B Marketers and Enterprises? What is user intent, is common question asked by marketers. Intent data is the elixir ...[more]

Data Intelligence

Effective Data Management Is the Key to Marketing Automation Success

“Global marketing automation spending will reach $25 billion by 2023, implying a 14% annual growth rate,” a Forrester report. The investment in marketing automation technology is increasing at an astounding rate. With the availability of modern technologies, it has become easier for marketers to automate their marketing processes for efficient management and to achieve in-time targets....[more]

Data Intelligence

CASL: Protecting the ‘Right to Privacy’ Around the Globe

“Privacy is not an option and it shouldn’t be the price we accept for just getting on the internet. Our voices matter and our actions matter even more,” stated by Gary Kovacsin his speech‘Tracking our online trackers’at theTED 2012event highlights the importance of privacy as our fundamental right. Not many were much aware of this fundamental right until Edward Snowde...[more]

Data Intelligence

User Intent – the Secret to B2B Marketing Success

The modern world revolves around data. Oftentimes the start of an online session begins with a simple search in a search engine. The way you search for things online, your search intent or user intent, has a drastic impact on the content that is created online, and the success of any business. The user’s intent when they enter a search term into Google or any other search engine has become h...[more]
"It’s critical that we have managers who see the potential, and the best in people, and who also have the skills to draw that out of them."

-Adrian Moorhouse Managing Director
Lane4 Management Group

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