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SEO Services

Increase Traffic And Generate More Revenue: Get Discovered With Deck 7 SEO Services

Is your website getting the attention it deserves? Are you losing sales and conversions to the higher-ranking competitors?
Diversion of traffic due to low SERP rankings can have serious detrimental impact on your online business. Understanding your audience sentiments can help in charting a future-proof SEO plan for your website’s steady growth by boosting organic high-quality traffic. Prospects choose the most authentic website that ranks higher on the search results page. Implement performance-driven SEO to boost your organic ranking and collect high-intent data through qualified leads.

  • Deck7 SEO Services
  • Deck7 SEO Services
  • Deck7 SEO Services
  • Deck7 SEO Services
  • Deck7 SEO Services
  • Deck7 SEO Services

Explore Our SEO Service Packages


$750 /month
  • 50 keywords optimized
  • 15 pages optimized
  • Full technical SEO audit for 15 pages
  • Competitor analysis, keyword analysis
  • Guest outreach posting: 4/quarter
  • SEO weekly activity report
  • Monthly on-page SEO report


$1,500 /month
  • 100 keywords optimized
  • 30 pages optimized
  • Full technical SEO audit for 30 pages
  • Competitor analysis, keyword analysis
  • Guest outreach posting: 7/quarter
  • SEO weekly activity report
  • Monthly on-page SEO report

Leverage a Data-Driven SEO Approach to Deliver Results

In-depth analysis of the keyword strategy is required to craft a better user experience and build credibility for the website. You can achieve your business ROIs and aim for a tangible long-term growth through a content-driven SEO strategy.

Figuring out what will work best for your business is the key. An all-inclusive SEO strategy with On-page, Off-page and technical professional SEO services driven by insights and data points that matter for your business. Set the right KPIs with SEO services that drive revenue.

Increase your online visibility with the help of our seasoned SEO specialists.


SEO Services

Find the perfect SEO services plan for your business today!

  • Plans

    Initial investment for 1st month

    Ongoing monthly charges


    Initial build time

    Contract lock-in period

    Monthly working hours

  • Standard




    2 months

    6 months


  • Premium




    2 months

    6 months


  • Professional




    2 months

    6 months


Website SEO factors

  • Features

    Technical SEO audit

    Keywords analysis (research & selection)

    Competitor analysis

    Google analytics setup

    Google & Bing webmaster setup

    Google My Business page creation & optimization (if needed)

    Google Tag Manager set up

  • Standard

    1 competitor

  • Premium

    2 competitor

  • Professional

    3 competitor

On-Page SEO

  • Features

    Meta tags (title & description) optimization

    Keyword mapping to target pages

    Robot.txt creation

    HTML sitemap creation

    XML sitemap creation & submission

    Link redirect audit

    Navigation analysis

    Internal linking optimization

    Image optimization

    Custom 404 error page setup and optimization

    Heading tag optimization

    Schema implementation (JSON-LD)

    Canonicalization check

    Crawl error resoultion

    Broken link analysis

    Internal link structuring

    SEO friendly URLs (URL rewriting)

  • Standard

    (Upto 15 Page)


  • Premium

    (Upto 30 Page)


  • Professional

    (Upto 45 Page)


Off-Page SEO

  • Features

    Social bookmarking submission

    Business listing

    Directory submission

    Article submission

    Forum profiling & submission

    Press release submission

    PPT Submission

    Image/photo submission

    Document submission

    Blog writing & posting on website per quarter (additional cost)

    Article writing & submission per quarter (additional cost)

    Quora answer

    Classified submission

  • Standard

    (3*500 words)*

    10 (1 Articles*1200 words*10)*

  • Premium

    (5*500 words)*

    10 (2 Articles*1200 words*5)*

  • Professional

    (7*500 words)*

    15 (3 Articles*1200 words*5)*

Analysis Reports

  • Features

    Weekly activity report

    Weekly SEO ranking reports

    On-Page SEO report

    Google analytical report

    E-mail/call support

  • Standard

  • Premium

  • Professional

* Defines

  • Blog writing & posting on website per quarter

    Article writing & submission per quarter

  • Extra charges for writing blogs

    Extra charges for writing & submission of Articles

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO provides organizations with the visibility and traffic that can boost the credibility and bring qualified leads that promise conversions. If your online business has a website that is optimized for the search, it ranks higher than the competitive websites leveraging your brand. The target audience for a certain service or product will search for it on the search engine to get subsequent results. While going through these, many of the prospects skip through the top searches as these are paid and feel less authentic than the organically ranked websites!
SEO is not just about short-term results like collecting leads, shooting sales and spiking conversions in order to gain revenue. It is also about the brand’s long-term equity and its positioning in the market. It spreads awareness about the brand’s existence and builds a higher aided recall value. SEO services like the Local SEO services help in building the brand’s credibility in a specific location alerting the local target audience and inviting them to access the service or product. This is why SEO is important for any business present online!

Is your brand doing well in terms of website ranking? If your answer is no, even after employing all SEO techniques then you must opt for SEO experts that can take over your website and fix it with optimization tools. When your website ranking is continuously degrading and your traffic has reduced by 5-10% then it is time to rope in professional SEO services. The SEO experts can go ahead with a website SEO audit that will help them analyze the keywords, backlinks and broken links that are harming the website instead of helping it grow!

SEO campaign management can help the online presence of your business by increasing the traffic and aiding qualified leads towards a narrow sales funnel. When an SEO strategy is applied to your website, it boosts the website speed, optimizes it for better consumer experience creating a high brand positioning for your online business.

The experts at Deck 7 can help you launch your business or re-position it with targeted SEO strategies from analyzing the deficits in the website through planned SEO audits. Deck 7 has previously worked with enterprises and helped solve the issues regarding their website traffic and lesser conversions.