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Social Media Advertising Services

Social Media Advertising Services: Boost Your Goal Completions With Targeted Campaigns

Want to build your brand’s online presence or have an expansive reach?
Dominate the social paradigm by implementing superior channel strategy including various different channels like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter according to your target audience. Understand the geographical barriers, psychographics and demographics that can be optimized in order to reach the target group through social paid campaigns as well as organic campaigns.
Why should your brand opt for social media services?
Credibility plays an important role for a brand’s growth. Irrespective of the time it has existed, the engagement must not stop in order to retain and grow the consumer line. Social media keeps the audience well-engaged and informed of the brand’s presence.


Explore Social Media Advertising Service Plans


$500 or 15% of ad spend /month,
whichever is higher
  • Up to 4 ad copies
  • Up to 2 campaigns
  • Up to 4 ad copy tweaks
  • Ad account setup and optimization
  • $500 - $10000 /mo. monthly ad spend


$700 or 15% of ad spend /month,
whichever is higher
  • Up to 6 ad copies
  • Up to 3 campaigns
  • Up to 6 ad copy tweaks
  • Ad account setup and optimization
  • $1,000 - $10,000 /mo. monthly ad spend

Enhance Social Media Advertising Experience: Deck 7's Social Media Advertising Services

Wondering how social media can help your brand in growing and accumulating the right prospects?

Your social media outreach can get you access to highly targeted and niche audience that is ready-to-convert and easy to retain. Enhanced brand recognition and aided recall for the brand is an additive in the social media marketing features.

Growing your network and influencing the right audience to consume your content and engage with you will create a better brand positioning and image leading to increased business and brand promotion.

You can easily access high-intent leads and narrow the sales funnel saving time and increasing revenue.

Data-insights, high-converting leads and conversion-driven sales!


Social Media Advertising Services from Deck 7

  • Features

    Monthly Hours

    Initial Investment

    No of social media networks

    Number of ad copies

    Number of advertising campaigns/target audience

    Social media remarketing campaign & ad

    Monthly advertising targeting & ad copy tweaks

    Installation of network tracking pixels on website

    Dedicated social media advertising account manager

    48 business hour response time

    Up to 1 personal social media consultations per month

    Standard monthly reporting & analysis

    Ad account setup & optimization

    Weekly call or campaign status update (optional)

    Ongoing monthly campaign investment

    Required ad spend range

  • Standard

    20 Hours



    Up to 4 *

    Up to 2 *


    Up to 4


    $500 or 15% of ad spend, whichever is greater

    $500 - $10000

  • Premium

    30 Hours


    Up to 2

    Up to 6 *

    Up to 3 *


    Up to 6


    $700 or 15% of ad spend, whichever is greater

    $1,000 - $10,000

  • Professional

    40 Hours


    Up to 3

    Up to 8 *

    Up to 4 *


    Up to 8


    $900 or 15% of ad spend, whichever is greater

    Mininum $2000

* Extra ad copies & campaigns will be charged extra

Frequently Asked Questions

While curating a social media campaign, the brand's essence, core values and guidelines all need to be kept in mind. The uniqueness of your business and the brand must spread through these campaigns therefore it is essential to have a team of seasoned experts design the social campaign for you.

The platform that your advertising campaign should run on is dependent on the factor - what kind of target audience does it tend to? If it is B2C then platforms like Facebook and Instagram work best for the social media advertising campaigns whereas for B2B campaigns LinkedIn is the best-fit. Avoid the hassles of choosing a platform and let us do it for you!

Social media is the platform where your consumers can actually drop feedback and reviews for you! It is the two-way platform that can tell you what your consumers think. The ROI generated from social media campaigns is essential to understand where the brand stands amidst the competitive brands.