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Site Speed Optimization Services

Accelerate Your Site's Speed: Deck 7's Website Optimization Services

Landing up on a website after reading incredible meta description and title only to find out that it doesn’t load for about 10 seconds is a huge disappointment! Right?
You will find out that your bounce rate is extremely high despite the quality content, value prospects and unique messaging you offer! This is because the consumer experience is indispensable.
You can significantly boost the conversion ratio by simply working on the website optimization and webpage loading speed! It is all about how quick you can deliver. Responsiveness is the key element in the consumer cycle. There are varied ways in which your website can be fixed and the webpages can load quicker..

  • Deck7 Site Speed Optimization Services
  • Deck7 Site Speed Optimization Services
  • Deck7 Site Speed Optimization Services
  • Deck7 Site Speed Optimization Services
  • Deck7 Site Speed Optimization Services
  • Deck7 Site Speed Optimization Services

Explore Website Speed Optimization Plans


20 Hours Monthly investment: $600
  • 5 hours quarterly
  • $600 monthly investment
  • Best for websites under 250 pages


40 Hours Monthly investment: $1,200
  • 10 hours quarterly
  • $1,200 monthly investment
  • Best for websites under 500 pages

Optimize Your Website to Be Exhaustive and Comprehensive. Just the Way It Should Be.

You add one high resolution image on your website from the backend and the webpage loading time shoots up dramatically! Avoid wasting your prospect’s valuable time that you can actually put to use while persuading them to convert!

The rapid website loading time – which means an optimized website promises that your visitors engage and not get put off by waiting to get more information on the service or the product. The optimized website offers a seamless digital experience!

Don’t make your prospects wait- fast track your website’s speed.


Site Speed Optimization Services from Deck 7

  • Total initial project hours to be spent improving site speed, communication, and reporting:

    Quarterly hours

    Best fit websites

    Dedicated project POC

  • Standard - Initial 20 hours

    5 hours

    Under 250 pages

  • Premium - Initial 40 hours

    10 hours

    Under 500 pages

  • Professional - One time 50 hours

    25 hours

    500 pages+

Audit of current website performance, optimization hours will be spent on the following items on based on audit results and priority:

  • --- Website theme & plugin optimizations

    --- Website/CSS optimization

    --- Set and/or Reduction in http(s) requests

    --- Removal of unused code

    Combine, prioritization, & minification of CSS and JavaScript files

    --- Image size optimization and compression

    --- Gzip compression

    --- Website & Browser Caching setup and/or configuration

    --- Optimize/reduce number of redirects

    --- Font delivery optimization

    Performance Testing

    Host recommendations

    Setup and/or configuration of a CDN

    Host migration

    UX & UI optimizations

    Quarterly performance updates to top 5 trafficked pages

    Quarterly submission of URL inspection

    Quarterly core metrics reporting & analysis (LCP, FID, CLS)

    Initial investment

    Monthly investment

  • One-time $1,500



  • One-time $1,500



  • $3,000


Frequently Asked Questions

When you create a website with content in the textual, visual and video formats - the content attached to it gets time to load and this website loading time has a direct impact on the conversion rates, organic ranking as well as user experience and the revenue generation. In order to optimize this speed of a page and website in the entirety - there are many factors that need to be kept in mind like the size of the images, the content limits etc.

For better leads and more conversions directly leading to the revenue banks. You must optimize your website in order to save your prospects' time and influence their buying decisions. When a page loads faster, the bounce rate decreases significantly leading to increased conversion ratios.