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Overcome Search Challenges And Rank Your Website #1 : Access Deck 7's Personalized Audit Plan

Wondering what went wrong with your website with the sudden decline in the traffic?
Rapid decrease in the online footprints on your website can be a result of poor SEO strategies. There are numerous problems and errors that occur in the website like broken links, keyword stuffing and more that become obstacles during search crawling! Eliminate the hurdles from the search engine algorithm’s path so that your website can rank higher.
If your website is getting traffic in abundance but conversions are running low then it is in urgent need of an SEO audit. Analyzing your website’s issues and fixing them will attract authentic traffic towards it.
Get personalized in-depth SEO audits and actionable plans from SEO experts to create a better user experience and bring in more conversions.

  • Deck7 SEO Audit Services
  • Deck7 SEO Audit Services
  • Deck7 SEO Audit Services
  • Deck7 SEO Audit Services
  • Deck7 SEO Audit Services
  • Deck7 SEO Audit Services

Explore SEO Audit Plans


$1,500 /audit
  • 30 pages reviewed
  • 1 hour of audit implementation training
  • Complete audit report upon completion
  • Image optimization


$2,500 /audit
  • 50 pages reviewed
  • 1.5 hours of audit implementation training
  • Future site strategy
  • Backlink Profile Report

Reliable SEO Audits That Guarantee Results

An SEO audit will boost your website's ranking instantaneously as you discover the elements like broken links, dangling links and more that need to be fixed. Has your website ranking dropped significantly? We will reveal problems and share solutions with a competitive scorecard, future site strategy, content strategy and an optimized backlink report.
Our SEO audits will be conducted with the end goal of improving your website's ranking and bringing it to #1 in the SERP. Our team will be focused on designing the best reports and strategies for your website to boost it's ranking as well as overall appeal and content.

Rank better with personalized SEO audits.


SEO Audit Pricing and Services

Browse plans for our professional SEO audit services now.

  • Features


    Cost per SEO audit

    Reports provided

    Pages reviewed

    Audit implementation training/support

    Complete audit report upon completion

    Future site strategy (one sheet)

    Backlink profile report

    Keyword research

    SEO checker reporting on all pages

    External link acquisition strategy [optional]

    In-depth link audit [optional]

    Analysis checklist

    301 redirects

    Broken links


    Code to text ratio

    Crawl errors - complete list


    Google Webmaster tools parameter exclusions

    Google Webmaster tools preferred domain

    HTML/CSS code review

    HTTP status codes - home page

    HTTP status codes - sitewide

    Image optimization

    Internal link structure

    Page content

    Remote use of .js & CSS

    Robots.txt configuration

    Shared IP addresses

    Site compression configuration

    Site load time - average

    Site load time - home page

    Sitemap.xml configuration

    Sitemap.xml index rate

    Static/dynamic URL configuration

    Title tag optimization

    Analytics program configuration

    Duplicate content

    Home page content

    Link profile

    Site theme and content


    Top keyword rankings

    Top keyword traffic

    Website conversion

    Website wrapper

    Post audit client implementation review (1 hour)

  • Standard

    15 days


    Up to 30 pages

    Up to 1 hour

    Additional $500

    Additional $1,200

  • Premium

    30 days


    Up to 50 pages

    Up to 1.5 hours

    (Up to 50 terms)

    Additional $500

    Additional $1,200

  • Professional

    45 days


    Up to 70 pages

    Up to 2.5 hours

    (Up to 70 terms)

    Additional $500

    Additional $1,200

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, SEO audits can help your website rank higher in the SERP by discovering the challenges and finding consequent solutions. Replacing certain broken links, dangling links and backlinks that are creating issues are some of the report analysis points that are included in the SEO audits. You can also gain competitive insights when it comes to highly-searched keywords. The SEO audits push your website ahead of the competition by helping you understand the keywords and links that are working or not working for the other websites in your industry.

SEO audits are carried out with the help of technical tools and automated techniques. But Deck 7's team of SEO specialists believes in personalized methods of SEO audits in order to get to the bottom of the challenges that a business website is facing, this helps us chart better reports and give your website a higher chance at improvising and ranking.

Did you just revamp your website and saw the traffic drop down in numbers? Don't worry! Whenever you feel that your website's SERP ranking has been affected negatively, it is the correct time to go ahead and hire an SEO specialist to look into it and fix it. The low ranks can be due to varied reasons including poor link or content strategy. Trust Deck 7's SEO experts to help you understand your website and what needs to be added to make it better!

There are a lot of free and paid services available online for auditing your website in terms of search optimization. A few examples are

  • Google search console
  • GTmetrix
  • Screaming frog
  • SEMrush site audit
  • DeepCrawl

But it is always better to get the help of SEO specialists who can give you detailed descriptions of what needs to be worked upon in your website and how to act upon it.