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Deck 7 Framework for Digital™

The Deck 7 Framework For Digital™ is the outcome of several years of working together with some of the most innovative and successful companies in the world, and is based on the collective learning and shared experiences across thousands of digital marketing campaigns.

Inbound & Outbound Digital Marketing Services

All successful marketing campaigns begin with an alignment of the company’s marketing strategy to its business strategy. Key elements to be considered prior to initiating any marketing campaigns are Industry & Domain Knowledge, Market Intelligence, Customer Insights, and setting Strategic Goals & Targets.

The five-step Deck 7 Framework consists of specific activities, checkpoints, and deliverables through each of the five steps of assessment and planning, alignment and execution, multi-channel integration, measurement and reporting, and finally analytics and application of the learning to revise the marketing strategy.

The Deck 7 approach is supported with the use of systems & processes (like resources, data, campaign management, and integration) that are required based on the specific nature and duration of the marketing program.