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Specialists and Partners

Deck 7 works with clients that range from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies and from small agencies to large lead aggregators. The requirements of each client are different and the skills and team resources needed are specific to their project or campaign.

To be able to assist with these diverse needs, Deck 7 has built a team that is comprised of individuals with different skills, expertise, and experiences. Broadly speaking, our team is comprised of:

Digital Marketing Specialists

These digital “docs” are proficient in different aspects of digital marketing like email marketing, organic search, social media content management, retargeting, and the like. Our digital specialists consult with clients to suggest the best approaches for their marketing campaigns and programs.

Technology Specialists

The technology specialists provide “geek squad” expertise and development skills to all the technology aspects of campaigns. Whether it be writing custom pixels for landing pages or developing mobile apps or connecting your third-party tools to your CRM, the tech team provides the technical expertise and resources to get the tech done.

Data Specialists

The data team works with clients to help them get more out of their marketing databases. Whether it means building a database from scratch or augmenting data volumes or enhancing data quality through validation tools, the “data miners” are ready to roll up their sleeves and dig deep into the data to assist marketers with their data needs.

Client Partners

The account managers (or client partners as we call them) are the point of contact for our clients. They are process specialists and excellent organizers – they have to be as they are responsible for conceptualizing and executing entire marketing programs with clients. These account managers work with clients on a daily basis consulting, course correcting, and creating solutions to bring engagements to a successful conclusion.

If you’re tired of working with a myriad of partners that can only help with different parts of what you require, and are looking for one partner that can assist and advise you on all your marketing needs, give Deck 7 a call for your always-on, always-ready marketing team.