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Remarketing – an Effective Way to Boost Your Conversion Rates

Struggling to convert your website traffic into leads? Remarketing is the digital magnet you can use to persuade your visitors. This effective strategy allows you to connect with potential leads you worked so hard to get to visit your site in the first place.

What Is Remarketing?

In simple terms, remarketing is the practice of targeting a consumer with a recently viewed product to drive conversion. Looking at it from a broader perspective, remarketing allows you to familiarize your brand to your visitors thus helping build brand affinity. According to WordStream, brand affinity goes a long way when it comes to improved click-through rates for your content.


Remarketing is one of the more popular personalization tools in digital marketing strategy. It is not limited to new customers only; it can also target existing customers for a variety of reasons. This strategy allows you to market to your existing customer base with attractive deals including product or service plan upgrades, return to purchase additional products or services, and for customer service/retention purposes.


Beware of Spam

It’s also among the more controversial as brands and retailers are wary of alienating consumers with too many messages, many of which may miss the mark and in fact backfire. This is a valid concern—if done incorrectly, remarketing can have a negative impact on brand perception and consumers’ online experience. Brands need to be smart about their remarketing campaigns. 

Email remarketing, on the other hand, can convert browsers into buyers—23% of respondents who were served a message about something they viewed but didn’t buy, said that they eventually purchased the product. Consumers are getting savvier about how they respond and are taking steps to avoid receiving unwanted messaging.

According to a recent survey, among the respondents that approved of remarketing:

  • 38% said it allows them to find a better price from a different seller
  • 25% consider it personalized advertising
  • 19% like that it allows for postponing a purchase without losing research
  • 18% consider it a reminder to buy something

Consumers especially don’t want to be bothered by repeated remarketing. Anything more than once a day for a week is too much:

  • More than 50% prefer remarketing just once a week
  • 39% only accept one day of remarketing
  • 24% are okay with 2-3 days of remarketing
  • 21% find up to one week of remarketing acceptable

Ways to Start Your Remarketing Campaign

Search: Google Ads allows you to target users who visit your site and then return to the search engine.

Display: Utilizing the Google Display Network and other display platforms to target users with banner and text ads.

Video: YouTube ads that can be configured based on visitors' history viewing your content.

Social: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow marketers to target users in the largest display network if they have previously visited your website.

Final Say

Remarketing is a great tool to boost your conversion rates significantly. If you are new to the remarketing game, don’t expect the first campaign to hit the bullseye, there is certainly a learning curve you must go through while trying to adapt to the dynamics of remarketing. Keep experimenting and track results by frequently A/B testing your campaigns. You might even want to go back to a campaign that worked really well and relaunch it with a different outlook.