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Unite Your Revenue Team to Increase Lead Quality and Conversion Rates

JUNE 27, 2023

Is Modern Marketing a Comedy of Errors? In the world of marketing, the scales of fate are tipped in favor of disinterested leads. Marketers around the globe find themselves trapped in a comedy of errors, lamenting their campaign failures, and roaming through a carnival midway of junk leads and bad d...


Impact of Voice Search in B2B Marketing

You might remember there was a time when our parents or grandparents would say, “I wish there were a device that heard us. If we say, “switch off the fan or on the light, it will do that for us.” Well, their words have come true. Finally, we have devices that obey our commands and do what is necessary. Hey Siri, Alexa, Hello Google, and more have become household names. In fact, ...[more]


7 Favorite SEO Tools of B2B Marketers

B2B marketing has to be precise and to the point. B2B clients are influenced differently when it comes to search marketing. You have a comprehensive guide on SEO strategies, but it requires something more for successful SEO. And that is a set of the best search engine optimization tools. This article will talk about the seven favorite search engine optimization, free tools of B2B marketers with th...[more]


The Basics of Search Marketing | How to Get Started the Right Way

Have you wondered how Google identifies what, why, when, and how customers want something? If you are a service provider, you must wonder what it takes to rank on Google or any other search engine? To rank on the first page of any search engine, you need to have basic and advanced knowledge of search marketing. Thus, in this article, we introduce you to search marketing and how you can incorporate...[more]


Is Your Paid Advertising Spend Optimized?

"Big ideas come from the unconscious. This is true in art, in science, and in advertising. But your unconscious has to be well informed, or your idea will be irrelevant. Stuff your conscious mind with information, then unhook your rational thought process.” – David Ogilvy Paid Advertising is booming. Paid ad spend in 2019 itself was as high as $135.9 billion. That's only meant to incre...[more]


Employing CRO as the Main Weapon for Your Marketing Success

"Marketing is really just about sharing your passion.” -Michael Hyatt “Our jobs as marketers are to understand how the customer wants to buy and help them to do so.” - Bryan Eisenberg Launching a successful B2B marketing campaign can work as a differentiator that sets your brand apart within a crowded market. Yes! You heard campaign; it sounds extremely complicated, but it’...[more]


Right Messaging for the Right Audience

Do you know various enterprises provide perfect products and services but simply can’t succeed? It’s because their content doesn’t reach the proper audience. No matter how engaging it is. Often content is aligned to appeal to everyone, which leads to lower conversion rates and a waste of time and resources. Social media platforms are constantly evolving, with larger audiences and...[more]


How to Kickstart Your SEO Campaign for Travel Tech

What’scorporate travel managementwithout a winning SEO strategy?Pretty much irrelevant and unnecessary. Not only is the corporate travel industry one of the fastest growing domains to work in, but it also houses a large number of different business models, including airlines, business travel agencies, etc. Making it all the more important to invest in SEO campaigns. Thanks to the digital boo...[more]


Leverage Your Campaigns with These Innovative Pay-Per-Click Strategies

Not only is it cost-effective but also one of the quickest ways to reach your potential buyers.At its core, pay-per-click advertising for B2B is much like a B2C one. Instead of you waiting around to be found, your target market hunts for you with the help of keywords in search engines. Today, modern B2B buyers have high expectations and much like any consumer out there, they too expect information...[more]


7 Strategies to Increase Brand Visibility

Every brand out there is trying hard to get itself noticed and grab a potential customer’s attention using unique SEO tactics. With the rampant use of digital platforms working on seamless integration globally, it has become the need of the hour to up your brand visibility strategy and get your brand in front of your customers. But making it stand out from the clutter doesn’t come easy...[more]


Capturing the Right Audience at the Right Time in the Right Place

Deck 7’s Divyaprasad Pande believes that your website's user experience plays an important role in converting your visitors into clients. Listen to the entire podcast here: - "Website plays a very vital role in our company because as a Digital and SEO marketer, I know it has played an important role in our organization. Especially after the pandemic, everyone realized the importance of dig...[more]
"Digital marketing, and all the channels included within that, is more essential than ever before for businesses around the globe."

-Mike Dickerson Chief Executive Officer

in conversation with us

C-Suite On Deck, APRIL 20, 2020


A Comprehensive Guide of SEO Strategies for B2B Organizations

Whether you deal with B2B or B2C, SEO strategies are integral part of digital marketing. Now, we all know that SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It technically means improvising and developing your website so that Google crawlers find and rank it organically on the first page whenever there is a relevant search query. But we are aware of SEO strategies for B2B, how it works, and its basics. So, t...[more]


Remarketing – an Effective Way to Boost Your Conversion Rates

Struggling to convert your website traffic into leads? Remarketing is the digital magnet you can use to persuade your visitors. This effective strategy allows you to connect with potential leads you worked so hard to get to visit your site in the first place. What Is Remarketing? In simple terms, remarketing is the practice of targeting a consumer with a recently viewed product to drive conversion...[more]


Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics You Shouldn’t Ignore

A successfulCRO campaignwon’t just save your time, money, and efforts but also help you discover new growth strategies for your business.When executed right, CRO uncovers useful customer behavior insights as well as important tips on how to better optimize the user experience (UX) to meet your goals. But how do you pull off an effective campaign that drives results? According to thisblogby V...[more]


5 Trends for Voice Search - the next Big Disruption in 2020

As the terms ‘Ok Google’ and ‘Hey Siri’ become more prominent, marketers need to catch-up to the next big content disruption i.e., voice search marketing. The world is preparing to dive headfirst into a new decade, and recent stats show that voice search adaptation across the US is growing through the roof. To get the products they need, more people are actually talking to ...[more]


SEO Tactics to Boost Your Whitepaper

Does your business content strategy include whitepaper marketing? If not, you should definitely consider indulging in producing one. Whitepaper marketing can make a great impact on the amount of traffic you generate for your website and the amount of leads you capture.Your whitepaper must be approached from a perspective of it being helpful to readers and not just being pitchy to try and get leads...[more]
"It’s critical that we have managers who see the potential, and the best in people, and who also have the skills to draw that out of them."

-Adrian Moorhouse Managing Director
Lane4 Management Group

in conversation with us

C-Suite On Deck, JUNE 19, 2020


Revamp your Search Marketing Tactics to Rank First

Digital marketingtechniques involve a lot of online marketing activities that marketers carry out to widen their reach and increase their online presence. Lead generation, account-based marketing (ABM), content marketing, social media marketing, search marketing, etc. are some of the major digital marketing techniques that marketers rely on. In this article, we will try to explore new search marke...[more]


Top 5 CRO Hacks to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

From not providing enough context for your conversion rates to the lack of relevant data, the list goes on as to why a lot of businesses are failing to convert visitors into paying customers. Luckily, we’ve broken it down so you never have to fall into the same category. Let's look into the 5 key ideas you can leverage to boost your conversion: Consider Changing your Offer To make sure that ...[more]


5 Reasons Why B2B Marketers Must Optimize Mobile

As the world of marketing continues to expand, so do the channels in which messaging is received. For years B2B buyers would use personal relationships, print ads, phone calls and desktops to find what they were looking for. As new generations rise up to take their place, the marketing strategy of B2B companies needs to accommodate the newcomers. Today that would be the millennials! As the driving...[more]

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