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Unite Your Revenue Team to Increase Lead Quality and Conversion Rates

JUNE 27, 2023

Is Modern Marketing a Comedy of Errors? In the world of marketing, the scales of fate are tipped in favor of disinterested leads. Marketers around the globe find themselves trapped in a comedy of errors, lamenting their campaign failures, and roaming through a carnival midway of junk leads and bad d...

Performance Marketing

Tips to Create a Winning LinkedIn Retargeting Strategy

‘Remarketing’ can be defined as taking a ‘second shot’ at marketing to somebody who’s visited your website. If you’re running a B2B business and somebody visits your website to read an awesome article, blog, or whitepaper but doesn’t send you a message to inquire more about your services. Instead, they just leave. Wouldn’t it be great if you could ad...[more]

Performance Marketing

7 Affordable SMM Automation Tools

Alright, Social Media Marketers! Are you struggling every day to get everything done in your online business? Are you unable to create a social media strategy that brings your business? Whether you have a home-based online business, or you work in real estate financial services, or virtually any business under the sun these days, you really need an online presence in order to generate leads and sa...[more]

Performance Marketing

Successful SMM Strategies for Your Software

According to Michael Gerber’s book ‘The E-Myth’ (“Entrepreneurial Myth”) If you’re good at something it doesn’t mean that you are good at everything. If you are going to run a business, you have to be strong in accounting, finance, operations, and really-really good in marketing. Software executive chairman Tony Zingale believes that software companies mus...[more]

Performance Marketing

OutboundEngine Launches Social Ads for SMBs

Marketing software is used to manage online advertisements on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These software platforms make managing large audiences on social media sites viable for the company’s marketing teams. Apart from managing audiences, social media management applications allow easy content creation and delivery; they also provide advanced analytical tools...[more]

Performance Marketing

Maximize Your Campaign Results with Facebook’s Cost Cap Bid Strategy

“Cost cap simplifies campaign management and helps you focus on scaling volume of results while controlling costs. Unlike other bid strategies that help optimize for cost, cost cap enables you to set the max CPA/CPI you're willing to pay for results, reducing complexities in managing bids while maximizing your campaign results.” – Facebook About the Bid Strategy The Facebook ad u...[more]

Performance Marketing

7 Human Resource Myths That Must Be Ousted

Human resource management used to be referred to as ‘personnel administration.’ It is believed that the first human resources department was established by ‘The National Cash Register Company’ in 1901 following a strike. In the 1920s, personnel administration focused mostly on the aspects of hiring, evaluating, training, and compensating employees. A human resources departm...[more]

Performance Marketing

Are You Choosing the Right Social Media Platform to Reach Your Audience?

Are you using social media platforms to build your brand? If yes, then have you analyzed which one works effectively and meets your goals? You hardly get time to use every social media outlet out there for your business. No one would like to waste time on a platform that does not give returns over a period of time. It's better to research and narrow down the list to a few social media platforms th...[more]
"Digital marketing, and all the channels included within that, is more essential than ever before for businesses around the globe."

-Mike Dickerson Chief Executive Officer

in conversation with us

C-Suite On Deck, APRIL 20, 2020

Performance Marketing

Top 4 Social Media Platforms to Promote Your Whitepaper

Are you looking for an effective way to build your brand, to demonstrate thought leadership, and to position yourself to the next level? Hold on! There is no better way to do this than writing a whitepaper. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 70% of B2B companies rank whitepapers as one of the most effective forms of marketing content above videos, blogs, newsletters, and online presenta...[more]

Performance Marketing

Webinar Promotion on Social Media Channels

Has this ever happened to you where you had a webinar and nobody showed up, you were just doing a live webinar by yourself? It’s not the greatest feeling in the world especially when you put all that time and effort into it. Making webinar marketing a part of your content marketing and video marketing strategy is almost a no-brainer today. A webinar presentation in the past was an easy tick...[more]

Performance Marketing

8 Surprising Stats about Traveltech Social Media Advertising

Social media is irrefutably a force to reckon with. ForB2B traveltech companies, social media and the whole social ecosystem is like an oasis where it can find its prospective customers, if not perpetually, then time and again. The digitalization of travel is witnessing a huge influx of travel technology into the market with most vendors trying to lure corporate clients who need assistance in plan...[more]

Performance Marketing

5 Digital Marketing Trends You Can't Miss

The digital marketing landscape is witnessing a dramatic shift. What was effective just a few years ago is now an old hat. With increasing demands in the business, every year, new technologies come out, existing technologies get smarter & advanced, and this is not going to stop, but will continue to happen with a faster pace in future. In 2013, 76% of those asked in Adobe’s Digital Distr...[more]

Performance Marketing

Twitter’s Longer Tweets to Begin September 19th

After their announcement in May, Twitter will execute changes with respect to how characters in a tweet tally towards its present limit on September 19th. The individuals who battle to fit their ramblings inside 140 characters will now have more space to convey what needs be or the brand they speak to. As opposed to extend the limit at danger of losing clients who appreciate the short upgrades whi...[more]

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