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A Glimpse into Martech 2019

The oft-hailed MarTech conference where marketing, technology, and management culminates into a global confluence of marketers and technologists, has just concluded. 

This year, the globe-trotting marketing mavens graced San Jose Convention Centre from April 3-5 sharing their future-ready acumens and showcasing what the marketing of tomorrow would be. Here are some vital insights from ChiefMartec:

  • It was announced on April 4 at the conference that Integrate has acquired Akkroo for $34 million.
  • Scott Brinker, the Conference Chair, VP Platform Ecosystem at Hubspot and Editor at ChiefMartec announced the winners of the 2019 Martech Conference Stackie Awards: Paychex, ESRI, Juniper Networks, Sargento Foods, Airstream.
  • This year the marketing technology landscape counted up to 7040 solutions on the 2019 Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic with a free Excel spreadsheet of all the solutions and a hi-res PDF of the graphic.
  • The 2019 edition saw a growth of a mere 3%.
  • A whole bunch of regional matches has emerged in the landscape which includes the Swedish, Canadian, German, Finnish and UK.
  • Over the years, suites have become platforms like Hubspot, Salesforce, Spotify, Adobe and Microsoft to name a few.
  • If accelerated growth path is what you are looking for, job of marketing operations and technology is a very promising with 77.7% of marketing operations and technology survey participants having been promoted within the past two years. And 27.9% have received a promotion just within the past six months.
  • Turns out that you don’t really need a technical degree to become a marketing technologist. Liberal degrees were found to be more common as most of the time these executives are balancing automation and humanization. Learning and building upon technical capabilities have become an ongoing and continuous process in every organization.
  • The gender gap in martech salary still remains this year. It kicks in around $125,000 on up. 
  • This year 48 stacks entered the Stackies Award, all full of insights and learning from the martech community.