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OutboundEngine Launches Social Ads for SMBs

Marketing software is used to manage online advertisements on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These software platforms make managing large audiences on social media sites viable for the company’s marketing teams. Apart from managing audiences, social media management applications allow easy content creation and delivery; they also provide advanced analytical tools to review numbers from a social media campaign. This data can then be used to customize current campaigns or create strategies for the future.

OutboundEngine, a marketing technology startup, announced the launch of ‘Social Ads’. The latest innovation to its digital marketing solutions. A full-service platform, Social Ads aims to be a one-stop solution for the process of social media marketing and advertising by setting up, managing and targeting social media ads for small and mid-size businesses (SMBs).

Social Ads will enable marketers to use traffic ads on social media to build brand awareness with a specific demographic of people and drive them to learn more on the business’s website. Traffic ads on Facebook and Instagram are incredibly effective in driving potential customers to a website to learn more about a business. Once on the business’s website, a potential customer can do a number of things: read the content to learn more about the business, fill out a form to ask a question, or request information about a product or service.

“Half of SMBs fail within five years, and social media has become one of the key ways to differentiate, capture loyalty, and grow," said Marc Pickren, CEO of OutboundEngine, in a statement. "Yet the complexity of buying ads on Facebook and Instagram stops many SMBs from taking full advantage of their social presence for exposure. Social Ads democratizes the process by seamlessly merging marketing and advertising efforts, making it easy not only to promote your brand on social networks, but to convert leads in perpetuity."

Some of the Features of Social Ads Include:

  • Social media ad banner designs with options to easily edit and interchange images and ad copies
  • Creates tactical audience segments with local neighborhood targeting
  • Options to find out optimal ad settings through A/B testing
  • Delivers detailed email reports and comprehensive dashboards tracking ad performance
  • Manages ad messaging, creative development, targeting techniques, ad management, and performance reporting
  • Includes the OutboundEngine mobile app for iOS and Android

Social Ads capture prospective customers directly within a social media platform, including Facebook and Instagram, via a feature called conversion ads. It has been designed to specifically keep SMB business's pain points in mind. With Social Ads, marketers will be able to create strategic and relevant ad messaging that drives traffic either to a customer’s website or to form fill-outs within the social platform. Completing the suite of services, Social Ads oversees content posting, manages targeting options, and measures each placement with performance analytics.