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Take on the Biggies: Marketing Tips and Tricks for Startups


The success of a startup will often depend on the set up of its marketing strategy. Sometimes the founders have little to no marketing experience. Businesses will sometimes forgo a marketing budget to tend to the other needs of the business, however marketing efforts play a big role in the sales pipeline.


Choosing to dedicate time and resources to marketing will increase sales, quality of leads, and decrease the time it takes to close a deal. With just a little bit of effort from the founder themselves, an agency, or part-time employee you can see the benefits. A little help and a few tools will take your marketing to the next level. Take a look at some of these tips to guide your efforts:


Benefits Speak Louder than Comparisons

Sales and marketing work hand in hand. However, there is a difference between marketing yourself and selling yourself. Customers usually focus on cost, quality, and a combination of the two. You may be able to provide higher standards in those areas but is that enough? Show your customer how you are going to make their life easier.


Customers Are Always Right

What are your customers looking for? What is their price point? Who are they turning to for information? The customer may not always follow logic from a business mind but their opinions are the ones that matter most.


Let’s say you are going on a road trip. After a few hours or so, someone will need to take a break. Whether it’s a stop for food or a restroom, eventually you will make a pit stop. Starbucks has listened to their customers and realized that they could take care of their needs by providing stops along the way.


Market Your Product Before It's Ready

Some businesses wait until all their i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed before promoting their product. This is a risky approach. Here’s why. Businesses will expect to sell their product as soon as it’s ready. If no one knows about it then there will be no demand. Build awareness of your product to attract customers before it reaches the market.


Above and Beyond

Marketing has shifted in the last few decades. Instead of word-of-mouth marketing the majority of efforts have been shifted to digital marketing. Explore creative ideas to catch the eye of your audience. Social media has the power to make videos viral. Make yourself known by leaving a memory in their heads. 


Test to Success

Finding the right path may take a few failures. Test your marketing strategically by testing your ideas against each other. A/B testing can provide results that are data driven rather than just a guess. This approach pushes you in the right direction gradually.


Multichannel Approach

Testing multiple channels is a great idea. Being consistent throughout each channel is an even better idea. The combination of all channels is usually when marketing begins to work. On an average a person will need to hear/see something 3 times before it sticks. They may not have a need for your service or product at this time but they will remember your name when the time comes.


Review Sites

Listening to your customers is important. Show them that you care about their thoughts. No matter if it is good or bad provide a space for your clients to be heard. Many turn to Yelp or business review sites. Show that you care about your customers and that they receive the best from your business.


Get Social

Talk back to your customers. Feed them with the information they are looking for. Use social media to create buzz around your company. If used efficiently, social media will grow your idea. Exposure is necessary for your business to be in the minds of the consumer when they are ready to make a move.


Have a Content Funnel

Scheduling out your creative ideas give you goals to reach whether it’s monthly, weekly, or daily. Use blogs, social media, or email to deliver messages that will educate prospects and make them want to try your product.


It can be difficult to follow the nuances that go into marketing a business. Being a startup makes your time limited and valuable. Follow the above tips to give your business what it needs to get off the ground.