How Smartphone Technologies Are Transforming Business Travel

Technology has fundamentally changed the way business is done in the travel industry across continents. Corporate travel depends on travel tech as it eases travel agencies' job by simply connecting them with their customers and promoting their travel products. Similarly, the need for a personalized, quick, and hassle-free travel experience is increasing so that travelers can focus more on their bu...[More]

How Technology Is Revolutionizing the Travel Industry

Technology is revolutionizing?It has already revolutionized. We are heading into 2020 and technology is all around us. Check your pocket, you might have one or two, it might even be how you are reading this blog! This is the world of technological advancement which has already revolutionized the way we do business and travel is no exception. Technology has fundamentally changed the way business is...[More]

How Chatbots Are Shaping The Future Of Business Travel

Have you ever noticed a chat window popping up when you visit a website saying, “Hi, how can I help you?” offering to help you out?That’s a chatbot in motion.Today, in the age of digital revolution, chatbots - one of the most common AI-based enterprise applications, have become the talk of the town and why not, chatbots seem to be the best engagement software. They copy what we a...[More]

How To Kickstart Your Seo Campaign For Travel Tech

What’scorporate travel managementwithout a winning SEO strategy?Pretty much irrelevant and unnecessary. Not only is the corporate travel industry one of the fastest growing domains to work in, but it also houses a large number of different business models, including airlines, business travel agencies, etc. Making it all the more important to invest in SEO campaigns.Thanks to the digital boom...[More]