Intent Data in the Age of Data Regulation

Since the implementation of the Data Protection Act in 2018, the approach behind the use of data has changed dramatically. Our clients and customers don’t just want a great experience, they also want to make sure they can trust us.Tweet This!And it makes perfect sense in the present times.But as data is considered a key factor in a positive customer experience, U.S. brands and agencies have ...[More]

True Influence® Inaugurates Its Intent Data Feed

True Influence, an intent-based marketing and demand generation solutions provider, announced its Intent Base data feed. The tool aims to provide B2B marketing teams with intent signals that represent opportunities to connect with a target audience.Why Intent Data Is Essential for B2B Marketers and Enterprises?Intent data is the elixir that makes marketing strategies tick and allows companies to l...[More]

User Intent – the Secret to B2B Marketing Success

"It's not the ink, it's the think"-Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist, GoogleIt is all about the data. From tailoring and customizing information to providing a seamless shopping experience, use of intent data or behavioral data is making waves for B2B organizations around the globe. It has certainly made its mark and there’s no denying it.Gone are the days where demographics and ...[More]

How To Leverage Intent Data To Strengthen Your Martech Stack

Wouldn’t it be great if you’d know where to find prospects that are most likely to buy? Or what’s bugging them to delay buying? If it was possible to get insights on the purchase-intent of your buyer? Or if they are truly looking to buy?Most businesses spend huge amounts on advertising campaigns and still don’t come any close to meet their intended targets. If you’re ...[More]

Intent Data And The Future Of Customer Analytics

Before you intend to engage with your buyer in their buying journey, remember that their journey is more than halfway through, already. So, mend your intentions and target being a part of it from the inception.Welcome to Intent Data.The latest cue phrase in the B2B customer data repository.Intent data is data about buyer intentions. It contains data regarding what, where and how a buyer thinks, pr...[More]