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5 Tips to Nail Your Video Marketing Strategy


Oftentimes, our social media video marketing efforts are weighed down by our own customers for the lack of thoughtful stories that can touch upon them. These are like run-of-the-mill, telling everything that the internet users and especially our target audience is least interested in knowing. And the heavy budgets we utilize to create a 'so-called' powerful video and host it on a video platform is usually downcast as a no-brainer. There does exist a gap between what we do and what is expected of us. Whether it is B2B video marketing, B2C video marketing, or just simple content marketing the underlying objective of filling the gap remains the same.

Read further to know what it takes to fill the gap and take you closer to your target audience through effective video marketing strategies. We bet at least of the below-mentioned marketing strategy will take your video production game much higher than your competitors. 


Tell a Story That Resonates with Their Problem

First things first. Your viewer who is also your target audience is the protagonist of your story, not you. Period.

It should be a personalized video only about your customers, your viewers, your audience whom you want to inspire, motivate, entice, or call to act like lead them to your landing page. As a B2B marketer, think of this as the first thought in creating your video marketing campaign.

Why do you have to do this? 

Because, unless you can build a connection with them, they are not going to trust you nor would any customer testimonials come in. If you are planning to create brand awareness through video marketing or social media video marketing campaigns, you need to sow the seeds of trust in your viewers. And if it is done on solid grounds, it is bound to sprout into a relationship. Later you can make the relationship last by nurturing it by being constantly active on your social media platform and through other marketing efforts.

Now, how do you build trust?

By telling them clearly how their problem is closer to you than anything else, and how they can find a trustworthy mentor in you, who can lead them out safely from the problem and transform their identity for good. Or by marketing through an influencer. Let's break this down...

Your product video depicts your prospective customer's problem as a story, wherein the customer is the protagonist, your brand is the solution and you are the Godfather who will show them the right path. Therefore, this marketing video must take your audience on a journey. This prepares the viewer to look forward to the story and throws in an element of suspense, excitement, and enthusiasm to know what would unfold, how they would greet each other, what questions they would ask one another, how friendly and comfortable the meeting would be, etc.

Your business video ad has to be a medium to do exactly this. Only then will you be in a position to count your engagements with your audience. This being the first step to engage them instantly.

Identify the problem faced by customers

Telling their own story, having them as the protagonist / subject, and keeping their problem as the predicate, you can strike a powerful chord with them. Gain the initial interest to pull them to the next level.

Acknowledge and, build a storyboard to design an acute digital marketing strategy

Through your video, you are telling them that you know their problem and that you identify with it. This is a way to acknowledge that such a problem exists, take for example in B2B, the problem of inadequate leads to a website or in B2C, shortage of availability of extra-large sizes in casual wear. These are the problems faced by customers that need to be identified and matched with your offering to create a thoughtful video marketing strategy. And this is what you need to build a storyboard upon. Build the basis of your video strategy on problem-solving so as to lead all your further actions in those directions. 

Gain customers' trust

Once you have conveyed their story across and have built a connection through different mediums like social platforms, a blog post, or even through the activities conducted by your marketing team, you are on your way to gaining their trust. Because, by this time they will understand that you have got a solution to their problem and you know how to get them out of it.

Guide them out of their problem and channelize their growth 

As a mentor and guide, now it is up to you to show them a way out of their tricky situation. This is where your marketing automation technique comes into play. At this stage, your brand is the elixir that will take your customer out of a said problem and give them an identity, position, or status that they have been wanting to attain in their life.

Get your video marketing strategy aligned to meet and greet your viewers through these stages. This will ensure success that both you and your viewer would be proud of. Isn't this a sure shot win-win?

Specify a Call to Action

So, your video is ready and you have all the hashtags and interlinks in place to accompany the video on multiple channels of marketing. Ever thought of how your audience will get back to you, if interested, after watching your video?

It will be like reaching the finishing line first, but the medal going to a contender. So, never miss specifying a call to action at the end of the video. Clear, precise, and concise, the call to action is the only engagement chord in your entire video marketing campaign that can connect you with your leads or prospective customers. Also, optimize your video on the search engine for your audience to find you easily. Never miss this!

Get Your Video Marketing Done Through Multiple Channels

Factor this. You got your first step right. Thorough and perfect. And you went on to market your video on social media aggressively. Does it sound like an alarm bell? Yes, it does.

For your online video marketing to be impactful, you need to get it out on multiple channels. Utilize, not just social but also email, display ads, broadcasts, television, mobile, web and all other platforms where it can be aired or showcased. Employ every medium and channel to take the story to your target audience. Get it to all those places where you know you will find your target audience. Marketing your brand through a facebook video is ideal but using just that is never enough. The social world is much more than Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram stories. 

Promote Your Video with Digital Video Advertising

For B2B businesses Digital video advertising enables an online video marketing strategy to have a strong base for reaching audiences far and wide. As per a study by Cisco, 80 percent of all web traffic will be video content by 2019 and there will be a threefold surge in video traffic by 2021. Going by this statistic, we are on the verge of a video content boom. And what better times could we have asked to live in?

Seize the opportunity! Promote and advertise your video on digital media like there's no tomorrow.

Spell out the Transformation Your Brand Can Bring in People’s Lives

  • Let your audience know that they will be safe with your brand. 
  • Clearly define the benefits they can achieve with your brand.
  • Underline the difference it would make to their identity / standing.
  • Highlight the transformation in their status post use.

Remember, this is a larger purpose. All of this is done to make them feel that a brand can change their life and their business for good.


These steps are a way to conduct your online video marketing, social media video marketing, or digital video advertising right.

The journey that you take with your viewer with these tested steps will go a long way in cementing the path for innumerable journeys that your viewers, existing and new, will look forward to take with you.