Podcast Marketing: A Brief Overview

Marketers, are you looking to build a niche/premium client base that is highly engaged? Look no further than podcasts!

85% of people who click &lsuo;play&rsuo; on a podcast listen to nearly all of it and 42 million Americans (or 15% of the U.S. population) listen to a podcast every week.

Podcasts Have Come a Long Way

The popularity of podcasts as a marketing outlet is growing and expanding exponentially and even has statistics to prove it. The podcast ad spend in 2018 was more than $479 million, up from $314 million in 2017. That number is expected to reach north of $1 billion by 2021 in the U.S. alone. The concept of podcasts has been around for a long time. In the 1980s, these live recordings were marketed as audio blogs. Later in the early 2000s, Apple came out with their streaming programs based on a similar approach. As the world is turning more tech savvy, people want their information on the go. Virtual assistant technology in homes and wireless connectivity in cars during commutes enables today's modern audience to listen to their interests on demand; with the touch of a button.

Podcasts Will Generate High-quality Leads

People who willingly dedicate their time to participate in a niche topic, podcasts are a gold mine from a marketer’s perspective. Being able to deliver your message right to your target customer is every advertiser’s dream. Marketers are increasingly focusing on their audience with CRMs and AI, data analytics, machine learning, and predictive analysis to further qualify VIP targets for their business. Additionally, what makes podcasts such a great marketing tool is the ability to provide very specialized and fathomed content that the audience is passionate about.

Here Are Few Ways to Boost Your Podcast Outreach

1. Sponsored Content and Paid Ad:

According to WordStream, businesses are expected to spend over $500 million on podcast ads by the year 2020. Market your podcasts to various advertisers and sponsors, let them know how you can put their message in front of hundreds (or thousands) of subscribers eager to learn more about their products and services. Understand where you fit, what kind of ads will resonate with your audience and how to invest the right resources to see results. You can boost your outreach by buying ad spots as add-ons on advertising packages or as stand-alone products.

2. Affiliate your Podcast with reputed Podcatchers:

Who are podcatchers you may ask? They are the apps or online platforms that specifically play podcasts. The best bet is trying each platform out for yourself to ensure a smooth experience for your listeners. Here a few recommended ones…



Podcast Republic

3. Don't forget to Repurpose your Content:

You can select highlights from your podcasts and post their transcriptions on your website’s blog. You can also turn good portions of a podcast into an infographic, whitepaper, or a detailed blog post. Multichannel marketing your podcast will significantly increase your exposure and allow visitors to engage with your content in the medium of their liking. The audio version of your podcast will be broadcast on iTunes and other distributors, but having a print version of the interview brings SEO value and has the potential of going viral all over the internet because it is easier to share.