5 Tips to Nail Your Video Marketing Strategy

Oftentimes, our social media video marketing efforts are weighed down by our own customers for the lack of thoughtful stories that can touch upon them. These are like run-of-the-mill, telling everything that the target viewers are least interested in knowing. And the heavy budgets we utilize to create a ‘so called’ powerful video is usually downcast as a no-brainer. There does exist a ...[More]

6 Easy Steps To B2b Video Marketing Campaigns

TOUT... PITCH... WOO... BOOST... PROMOTE... ENDORSE... BROADCAST... PUBLISH... PINHaven’t you all come across these terms?Evolution in marketing has gone through various stages.It could be anything like touting, pitching a product or wooing the customers.Marketing strategies tend to keep changing with time. Thanks to the advancing technology. Blogs and articles play a vital role in marketing...[More]