7 Strategies to Increase Brand Visibility

 7 Strategies to Increase Brand Visibility

Every brand out there is trying hard to get itself noticed and grab the attention of a potential customer by employing unique SEO tactics. With the rampant use of digital platforms working on seamless integration globally, it has become the need of the hour to up your brand visibility strategy and get your brand right up there, in the front, on the face. But making it stand out from the clutter, doesn’t come easy. Conducting brand building with digital marketing calls for a lot of market research and experience. 

In the B2B space, marketing your product or service has to be more impactful in spelling out the reason for your brand's existence. There is greater need to increase your brand visibility so as to not get lost in crowd. Some of the most important points to remember while charting out a brand visibility and customer engagement plan for increased brand awareness and visibility are listed below. 

1. Define Your Brand’s Functionality

State categorically what problem does your brand solve.

This is the first and the most crucial factor that determines the reason for a brand’s existence. In other words, if you can answer one of the following questions, it will give you the meaning and purpose of your brand. Here’s a brand visibility questionnaire that you should be prepared with. 

  • What gap does it fill?
  • What problem does it solve? 
  • Is it solving a generic or specific problem?
  • How far is the stated problem being solved, in part or in its entirety?
  • To what extent or length is the solution applicable?
  • What value does it add to the existing barrage of information in the digital space?
  • Is it a first mover or an alternative? 

Finding an answer to one of these questions precisely, will help you understand the basis of your brand. It will help you use different methods for positioning the brand so that an appropriate identity is developed thus increase brand visibility. 

2. Make Your Brand More Social

Identify the markets your brand caters to and build a sound social media marketing strategy around them. 

Which markets does your brand cater to? Which are the ideal social media platforms for branding? Your target market and marketing channels must be clearly defined, right at the inception, stating clearly whether there will be scope for expansion or diversification. The social strategy that you opt now will govern your brand’s reach across various social channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Reddit and Quora to name a few. Customize your brand copy based on the individual social platform to reach the maximum audience. Create multiple hashtags in every platform for quick and easy traceability to your offering/brand copy. Ensure the posts are repeated adequately and integrate multiple channels for seamless results. Using these different brand visibility ideas helps you reach a larger audience through various platforms. 

3. Highlight Your Unique Offerings

Underline the core competency of your offering.

What does your brand stand out for? What is its Unique Selling Proposition (USP)? How do you differentiate your brand from the others in its category? What are the strengths of your brand? The answer to these questions will help you highlight the core competency of your brand. This is one of the many ways to increase brand visibility of your offering. The identity of your brand thus created, has to be coherent with the brand image that gets formed in the customer’s mind. Emphasizing more on your unique offerings helps in forming an exceptional visibility brand awareness strategy. 

4. Use SEO to The T 

Place SEO keywords strategically in your campaigns.

Incorporate crucial keywords strategically within your brand copy to help in pinning it down from the vast ocean of relatable information. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques help brands in improving their chances of visibility. However, it is easier said than done. 

So, how exactly does one go about creating an SEO friendly brand copy that increase their brand visibility and brand awareness? 

Websites like or Google Trends give you the current trending search phrases for any domain, topic or area. It tells you what the buzzword or the most searched word/phrase at any point in time is. It extracts the most searched set of words that in turn helps us to utilize the information for our brand. Here it is fundamental to understand how the so-called keywords need to be used in our content/brand copy/marketing collateral. Using the right keywords in the accurate amount greatly affects your brand visibility strategy.  

Follow the steps below to master your SEO strategy:

  • Find out the trending SEO keywords related to your topic using a website like
  • Create content around the keywords or insert the keywords strategically into the content without losing its relevance.
  • Ensure content is upwards of a thousand words as it then becomes qualified to be pulled into the long-form writing which is highly preferred.
  • Repeat the SEO keywords at least 11-12 times in the content. Note that these words are spread uniformly throughout the content i.e. from the beginning to the end.
  • Post/publish the content across various channels. 
  • And how do you benefit from it?

A smart SEO strategy helps improve your brand visibility index, ranking, leads and hits. Over time, you will notice your content ranking higher and attracting more leads.

5. Interact More Online

Include your brand associations and partnerships.

Display all events, associations and partnerships on your page with a direct link to each. Also include an interactive medium to engage with your potential leads. Partnerships and associations add immense credibility to your offering as well as they prove to be good lead generation services for all sectors. It demonstrates your interpersonal affiliations and presents an opportunity to further explore your interest in various fields. Conducting webinar events for interactive branding is also a great way to boost brand visibility.   

6. Have a Sectoral Approach

Demarcate the category / segment / industry in which your brand is available.

Clarify the industry, segment or category your brand belongs / caters to. Create a complete guide for industry research. This helps in identifying potential clients faster. Your sector is where your market lies, that market is where you will find your customers. Keep floating your brand up there, push notifications and cross-referrals will enable wider reach and increased visibility. For example, in B2B if you operate in the financial domain, you are bound to appear in other related financial spheres like banking, insurance, micro-finance, etc. However, you need to ensure it happens. This spreads the scope of brand visibility across segments and categories. 

7. Build a Strong Digital Presence

Ensure ease of navigation and user-friendly interface.

Every brand wishes to rank high on a user’s most navigable interface list. An easily pilotable digital space which gives smooth arrival to a customer’s intended destination with no stop-overs is what all customer’s look for. One of these ways is display ads. Display advertising is important as mere visuals do the job of conveying your message. If your brand can provide that as the very first experience, consider yourself well in the game. And just if you got the SEO thing right, keep reinventing the wheel.

And while you do that, experience the increase in your brand visibility metrics while the leads pour in! 


Frequently Asked Questions

How to measure brand visibility?

Measuring brand visibility is not as difficult as making your brand visible to the audience. Some ways for measuring the visibility of your brand are:

  • Measure website traffic
  • Check search volume of your keywords
  • Utilize social listing

What is brand visibility?

Brand visibility is the rate at which your brand is seen by your audience through various marketing channels like social media, search engine and more. The concept of brand visibility focuses on attracting your relevant customers to your brand. 

Why is brand visibility important?

Brand visibility is extremely crucial, especially in these digital times as it helps your relevant audience you know about your existence in the market. Having good brand visibility helps you grow your business in different ways.