Content Syndication Strategies to Boost Your Readership

Content syndication is a cost-effective way of generating qualified leads for your sales department. But you gotta get it right.    Tweet This! 

There’s a common myth out there that says syndicated content is duplicate content, and that that can wreak havoc for your SEO. This is totally beside the point. The key reason for content syndication is just so it can bolster your marketing efforts. It’s a part of your content marketing tactics.


Successful content marketing isn’t about editorial calendars or blasting your social channels. To make a bigger impact you have to start asking how your target audience will come across your content. Below are a few reasons as to why you should have a content syndication strategy in place:-

  • Exposure of content that is at the top of your funnel
  • Repurposing your content
  • You will get long-term SEO results 
  • It will drive back more traffic to your website

Content syndication is a great way to bolster your outreach because you get to share your content with an audience that might not have known it existed. Although there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, you need to come up with a content syndication strategy that follows best practices for targeting, linking and get the most out of your repurposed content.

If you’re a publisher who provides a more channeled network for a specific content, you can have other websites feature their content on your blog or website. You could always ask to feature an influencer’s existing content and in turn, they’ll feel honored to be asked by you. 

Another effective content distribution strategy is to leverage paid content syndication, where you can partner with publishers from the same industry who can share or republish your content. Not only will it drive in more exposure to your own media but also maximize your likelihood of earned promotion, bringing in qualified leads straight to your funnel.

Have you tried syndicating your own content? If not then Medium is a great place to start!

The great thing about publishing on Medium is that even if you’re not a big name or have a niche that’s relatively small your Medium story can still get tons of love. That’s because it’s all about the value of your ideas. To optimize your content on Medium make sure to:-

  • Use a great image 
  • For more exposure, work with Medium publications
  • Bring back the under-performing posts
  • Post regularly
  • Spend on social ads to give your post a bit of a boost
  • Add more Facebook and Twitter followers

Start by building relationships, then, eventually move on to submitting your original guest posts that are written for their audience. This strategy is a great way to increase your exposure as well as build more engagement.

To avoid getting filtered out of the Google’s search page results make sure to work around these SEO strategies:-

  • Instead of the entire piece post an abstract that links back to the original post
  • Revise your content while guest posting on other websites
  • Don’t forget the “rel=canonical” tag on your content so it points back to the original post. The point of this tag is to tell the search engine that you are the original publisher and the syndicated content is just a copy.
  • Use the “noindex” tag on the syndicated copy to keep the republished content out of the directory
  • Also, remember to get a link back from the syndicated copy

Simply put, content syndication is a win-win for everyone, provided that you do it well. It’s a smart way to get more out of the work you’ve already done. Not only will you be able to increase your overall exposure but also gain additional SEO benefits in the process.

Have you tried any content syndication tactics? If yes, what’s worked for you? Do share in the comments below.