5-point Strategy for Gated Content That Generates Demand

Let's backtrack. Digital marketing was born about 3 decades ago when computers had become smart enough to store customer data and give out ungated content. Fast-forward into the present day and take a look into your inbox.We all share the same inbox and social media story, apathetic, unapologetic with same old brand awareness content. Frankly, there is nothing out-of-the-box out there that we coul...[More]

How Ai Is Transforming Content

One would think only a human could create complex, high-level projects and campaigns. But, what if a computer could generate useful content strategy? We might not be too far away from the reality of automated content achieve through machine learning. Automated systems and tools like generation analytics and predictive analytics will give AI a good amount of the creation process, and in some cases,...[More]