How to Navigate Your Email to Your Audience’s Inbox

Are you struggling to craft the perfectemailsthat your target audience would want to openand read?Whether you like it or not the success of your email marketing campaign depends on the open rates you get. You cannot generate new business opportunities if there’s no one to read your emails. More than 20% of yourmarketing emailsnever make it to the audience’s inbox, so you must proceed w...[More]

5 Mistakes to Look out for in Email Marketing Automation

Timely, personalized and hyper-relevant to the reader, automated emails are certainly doing a hell of a job for marketers by saving them plenty of time and money. But having said that, a lot of them are still making mistakes – from not being careful of the smallest errors to painful data problems, some of these can seriously damage your credibility.When it comes down to email marketing autom...[More]

Email Marketing - Still the Single Best Marketing Channel to Drive Leads

Talking about successful marketing strategies, do you know email marketing consistently ranks as one of the best tactics to reach your ultimate marketing goals?The world today is dominated by social media and mobile, where an Email marketing campaign is not a new thing. Yet, there is no denial of the fact that still, it is one of the most effective channels for any business organisation to drive m...[More]

7 Ways You Can Transform Your Travel-Tech Email Marketing Campaigns

The multi-billion travel-tech industry is not only alive and well, it is thriving. According to Statista, 1.2 million people traveled internationally around the world generating global revenue of U.S $1.26 million.The future seems even more promising as millennials love to travel and comprise the traveling population more than Baby Boomers and Gen Xers combined. Appeal to the current generation by...[More]

Elevate Customer Experience Using Email Marketing Automation

“People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel.”Maya AngelouEmail marketing automation aims to do just that, it enables your communication with a prospect or existing customer to be more personalized and timely. Communication between your business and your clients should feel like a 1 on 1 conversation that is tailore...[More]

Email Marketing Checklist For 2018

Digital marketing has exploded in the last decade. With so many tools and software to choose from it becomes challenging to keep your strategy focused. In 2011 there were roughly 150 marketing tools. In 2017 over 5,000 marketing tools were reported. With that type of growth it can be confusing which programs to select. Most companies are trying to capitalize on their ROI. Research has shown that e...[More]