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How to Strategize Video Marketing Trends in 2022


Video marketing has proved to be one of the most successful marketing methods for B2B. No matter the marketing challenges, B2B video marketing campaigns strengthen inbound marketing by all means.

If we consider the changing times, be it the pandemic, digital evolution, or emerging competition in every field, there needs to be one eye-catching marketing campaign that makes your brand stand out from your competitors. And this one thing is video marketing.

If done correctly, video marketing trends in 2022 could prove to be the best way to attract your customer's attention. Plus, you can strategize video campaigns in various forms. You can build B2B video marketing campaigns around your brand, give it an emotional touch, make it an awareness one, or even incorporate fun and sarcasm accordingly.

Video marketing for B2B should form an integral part of your brand marketing. With the increase in mobile devices and customers hooked on their gadgets, videos are becoming a trend for marketing. As a result, businesses are utilizing the best video marketing tools for video marketing services.

This article will highlight the importance of video marketing for B2B and its essential strategies.

The Meaning of B2B Video Marketing

A B2B video marketing campaign implies planning, creating, designing, and sharing videos for your B2B audience. The video content can revolve around brand awareness, social messages, fun, or your brand's story. You can share these videos on social media, podcasts, webcasts, live streaming, etc.

Some examples of B2B marketing videos are:

  • Promo videos
  • Training videos
  • Demo videos
  • Live streams
  • Customer experience videos
  • Public message videos

Now, let us see why your organization should invest in B2B video marketing services.

Importance of B2B Video Marketing Campaigns

Wyzowl's State of Video Marketing Survey states that 86% of B2B marketers use video marketing as part of their marketing strategy.

Now, if these are the video marketing statistics for B2B, isn't it time that you invest in it too?

Apart from the reason that other businesses are incorporating it and seeing a positive increase in their ROI. Here are the benefits of B2B video marketing trends in 2022.

Better Connection with Your B2B Prospects

Through video marketing, you can connect with your prospects and engage them in the best way. You can enhance the customer experience on various platforms like social media, webinars, demos, testimonials, and more.

You can easily communicate with your audience through videos and increase lead generation and conversion through quality content.

Improve Search Rankings

Make use of the magic of SEO video marketing.

If you utilize the best practices of SEO video marketing, search engines will ensure that you appear at the top of the search results. Various video marketing tools are available to strategize SEO techniques with video marketing.

If you notice closely, search engines prioritize videos over other content. Hence utilize video marketing to its full potential by adding it to your search marketing plans.

Enhance Customer Engagement

Incorporating videos on your website ensures that users spend more time on the page. 

And it has been proven that customers have landed on the website due to videos shared on social media. Thus, it is an excellent strategy to attract visitors to the website.

Also, you can capture the best leads if you invest in webinars that need sign-ins. 

Therefore, create the best videos to enhance customer engagement and generate higher conversions.

Solve and Accelerate Account-based Marketing (ABM)

B2B businesses are investing a lot in account-based marketing campaigns. 

The use of personalized videos can accelerate the ABM strategy. A personalized video message with brand awareness gets you the required attention.

In the ABM strategy, the targets are C-suite decision-makers and CEOs. Thus, jazz up your marketing strategies by incorporating videos into emails, direct mail, etc.

Now that you understand why videos should be used in B2B. Let's take a look at some B2B video marketing strategies.

B2B Video Marketing Strategies

You have to put in your best team and practices to create a great B2B video marketing strategy. 

But first, you have to be very clear about the message that the video has to put through. Then, once you have the central idea in mind, you can design the video and strategize its design and marketing accordingly.

And we are here to help! Here are the most effective B2B video marketing techniques in 2022.

Simplify the Buying Glitches

When you target a B2B decision-maker, you know the challenges or glitches in the buying process. Once you identify the glitch, design the video by addressing the solution to the challenge. 

When there is a visual representation of the solution, buyers will connect with it. Thus, you tell the decision-makers how to fix their problems most engagingly!


When Hootsuite changed its dashboard, they knew that customers would be reluctant to adapt to the new design. So they used a series of Jimmy Kimmel's mean tweets as their basis and designed their series of mean tweets.

Then Hootsuite staff read those tweets and criticized their old dashboard design. Thus, they introduce the new dashboard design to answer the criticism at the end of the video.

This idea played off well, which helped Hootsuite achieve 35% yearly revenue growth.

Select the Right Video Format

When you plan to incorporate video marketing services, understand why the video is designed.

  • Is it a video that tells us about your brand, product, or any changes in them?
  • Is it a case study or a testimonial to add value to your brand?
  • Is it created to target an ABM account?
  • Is it marketing or an explainer video?
  • Will your video entertain or raise awareness of the current issues?

After you know the video marketing topics, you need to decide on their framing. Is it going to be informative or tell a story? Is it going to be personalized or a demo one? Must it be intriguing, entertaining, or both?

These questions help you design the video's content.

Once you have tailor-made the content for your video, use the correct type of animation, colors, language, sentence framing, and more to make the video engaging.

Also, you should know the platform for which you curate the video. For example, a YouTube video differs in length and time from an Instagram one. Thus, make your team well-aware of the launch and broadcasting platform.

Highlight a Story

Your video needs to tell a story for customers to connect to it. 

No matter how technical or simple a product or service is, it has a story that needs to be conveyed to the audience. 

The art of storytelling allows the viewer to connect with the video emotionally and practically. It is also a success when it pushes the audience to take action. Thus, an intriguing video will indeed generate more clicks than written content.

This storytelling can also be a client success story. 

No matter which video marketing ideas you choose to tell, try to connect with your audience personally and emotionally. 

Thus, design video marketing topics with the art of storytelling to educate, entertain and engage your current and future customers.

If you need the best example in this area, you should watch Intel's video marketing content. They have mastered the art of storytelling in their videos. Instead of being technical guides for their products, they curate video marketing ideas about their products’ impact on customers' lives.

Set KPI's for B2B Video Marketing

You need to see tangible results for every marketing strategy. Because each marketing strategy utilizes ample resources and efforts, it is crucial to understand its effects. 

And the same will go for B2B video marketing techniques in 2022. So, before starting your video marketing campaign, identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) that will help you track the performance of your video marketing statistics.

Pick up the metrics that define your objective clearly. These video marketing statistics should focus on social media numbers like followers, viewers, shares, and overall growth like sales, lead generation, conversations, etc.

Measuring KPIs proves helpful in strategizing future video marketing campaigns. 

If you need help strengthening your video marketing services, you can always hire a B2B video marketing agency.

Repurpose Existing Content

You must have put out content like blogs, infographics, articles, interviews, whitepapers, testimonials, and more to strengthen your brand and enhance the customer experience. Thus, you can use this content to recreate videos to redefine the experience and make it more enriching.

When converted to videos, your re-purposed content saves time and resources and amplifies customer engagement. It is the best video marketing strategy that ensures the best KPIs.

Thus, when you plan to re-purpose your content, choose the ones that are doing well to impact the audiences that are ' non-readers.'

The benefit of this video marketing idea is that it attracts a large audience within a limited time frame. Plus, they can shorten a long piece of written content for an audience interested in the central idea. Thus, you can target multiple types of audiences.

The Final Word

Thus, if you want to cut through the noise and make an impact on customers, incorporate video marketing trends in 2022 for B2B to create authentic engagement. 

Customers will surely value your efforts if you curate and design excellent video marketing strategies.

Remember, B2B buyers watch online videos to make purchase decisions. Thus, aligning a proper and clear video marketing strategy is the need of the hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the essential elements to incorporate into a B2B marketing video?

To create the most engaging B2B marketing videos, you need to master the art of storytelling. If your brand builds a story around the product or service that they are selling, it is sure to fascinate even the B2B audience.

Besides storytelling, you must incorporate the appropriate visuals, colors, and animations to match the content and idea you are focusing on!

What are the types of videos in B2B video marketing?

The basic types of B2B video marketing videos are:

  • Promo videos
  • Training videos
  • Demo videos
  • Live streams
  • Customer experience videos
  • Public message videos

How to start a B2B video marketing campaign?

  • Define your video goals.
  • Know your audience.
  • Build a story around the central idea.
  • Creatively curate the video.
  • Launch the campaign.
  • Measure KPIs.