5 Marketing Technology Trends for 2020

“The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous.” Peter F. DruckerTweet This!While selling is an art, it solely depends on how much marketing effort you have put in to make it possible. And when it comes to marketing efforts it will be incomplete unless you leverage modern technology to attain these marketing goals as ‘modern marketing requires modern solutions.’ These...[More]

Robo-Advisors vs Financial Advisors – Get the Best of Both Worlds

Days of doing manual tasks are way behind us, and despite the debate surrounding the emergence of robo-advisors being a threat to human advisors, there seems to be no sign of stopping it.Tweet This!Created as a result of the 2008 financial crisis, robo-advisors were first launched by Betterment and since then many others have followed suit, including PersonCapital and Wealthfront. Their main goal ...[More]

How Artificial Intelligence Will Revamp Marketing Dynamics In 2020

“Marketing is about innovation. Marketing’s job is never done. It’s always about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day,” Beth Comstock.Tweet This!Digital marketing strategies are evolving with a fast pace and innovation is the only solution to cope with this. Technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning have given wings to digital market...[More]

Ai And Marketing - A New Beginning To Sky Rocket The Marketing Curve

Wondering how Artificial Intelligence can improve your marketing?Andrew Ng, an AI, and machine learning expert say, AI is the new electricity. Just as electricity was used to power everything 100 years ago, AI is now added to everything.And in marketing, there isn’t anything better than AI-empowered tools and techniques to spot opportunities.Businesses face many market challenges and so do t...[More]